Career Consultations

Unsure of what direction you want to take your nursing career? As a clinical student nurse you’ll have the opportunity to work with a recruiter to find which opportunities are right for you – and how to get there. Look for an introductory e-mail during your clinical rotation.

For general questions, you can also email

Student Career Opportunities

As a nursing student, you have the opportunity to also work as:

  • Patient Care Nursing Assistant: PCNAs work directly with RNs to ensure patients receive world-class care.
  • Clinical Technician: CTs deliver an advanced level of care in acute units. You must have at least one year of employment in direct patient care or have completed at least two clinical rotations.
  • Nurse Associate Externship: This 10-week summer program is for nursing students entering their final semester(s). Your experience will include working with a RN mentor, classroom learning and clinical observations.

Our Recruitment Process

We know a lot goes in to applying for a program. Here’s how we recruit, review and interview candidates for our residencies.

Process Overview for Clinical and Practicum Nursing Students

Resume Building and Interview Prep

What to include in your resume:

  • Clinical rotations.
  • Practicums, preceptorships, role transitions and capstones.
  • Internships or externships.
  • Certifications, scholarships and/or awards.
  • Your professional experience, volunteer experience and/or school involvement.

Preparing for your interview

For virtual interviews:

  • Test the technology prior to your interview.
  • Be ready to start at your scheduled time.

For on-site interviews:

  • Ensure you know how to get there and where to park and report.
  • Be at your location 15 minutes early.
  • Follow all Personal Protective protocols.

Need to reschedule? Please make sure to notify your recruiter ASAP.

Make sure you:

  • Can speak to your history.
  • Research the role, organization and patient population.
  • Prepare questions for the manager.


  • Treat it like a peer interview.
  • Be engaged, ask questions, interact with patients and families.
  • Reflect after your experience.

Residency Program

Cleveland Clinic's Nurse Residency Program is a one-year competency and simulation-based opportunity. The program supports both new nurses and experienced nurses entering into a new specialty.

We meet each nurse where they are in a highly personalized experience. Nurse Residency begins with Success Navigator, an artificial intelligence-driven program that helps identify strengths and opportunities for growth, guiding initial steps toward development of competency.

During the first year of practice, all residents are paired with a Success Coach to make sure each nurse has what they need to develop into a professional role.