Program Structure

Program Structure

Categorical Track: The traditional residency program structure. Carried out through the 4+1 model. Residents have inpatient, consult, elective, and longitudinal clinic experiences over the course of 3 years. Learn more about the Categorical Track structure.

Clinician-Educator Track: Designed for residents interested in pursuing a career in academic medicine with a focus on medical education. This track promotes the acquisition of skills needed to effectively teach and assess learners, develop new curricula, and disseminate scholarly work. Learn More.

Hospital Medicine Track: Categorical Track with dedicated 2-month inpatient medicine block. Designed for residents interested in inpatient focused careers. Learn More.

Primary Care Track: Allows for additional dedicated ambulatory experience. Designed for residents who wish to prepare for practice in an ambulatory setting within the community or academic setting. Unique experience in practice improvement and unique models of care.  Learn More.

VA Track: As a Categorical Resident, you have the option to participate in the VA Center of Excellence Track. This track is designed for physicians with an interest in health care systems, quality improvement, patient safety, and interprofessional collaboration. Unique opportunities include protected time for the creation and implementation of Quality Improvement projects, Yellow belt certification in Lean Six Sigma process improvement training, bioethics and health care humanities and a number of customizable ambulatory clinical experiences.  Learn more about the VA Track structure.

Learn more about completing your Preliminary Year at Cleveland Clinic’s Internal Medicine Residency Program.

Clinical Experience

Clinical Experience

The Cleveland Clinic Internal Medicine Residency Program experience allows for residents to experience each of the sub-specialties in a variety of settings to help build the well-rounded physicians of tomorrow.  If you would like more information regarding the schedule structure and rotations available please explore the links below.  

Community Outreach

Community Outreach

There are many opportunities for community involvement should you wish to participate.  Many of these opportunities exist within minutes of main campus.  To learn more about some of the opportunities available please explore the links below.



Conferences are a supplemental portion of our curriculum, as residents often learn the most from their rotational experiences.  Therefore, given that residents are adult learners, we feel it is important to provide an engaging and interactive conference experience.  And, many of the conferences we offer accomplish this goal.  To read more about the conferences we offer please explore below.

Unique Educational Experiences

Coaching Program: The Resident Coaching Program’s (RCP) goal is to promote residents’ awareness of their growth and development, enhance resiliency, and improve trainee confidence in their own self-assessment and self-directed learning. Learn More.

FRAME: Foundations of Resident Assessment, Mentorship, and Emotional intelligence (FRAME) is an innovative conference series of small group interactive educational sessions to enhance resilience, empathy, teamwork, and communication skills. Learn More.


  • Clinical Reasoning Conference: A highly engaging conference series utilizing game-based instruction, interactive small-group discussion, and large group exercises to allow residents to reflect on clinical cases that highlight cognitive biases and examine we think. Learn More.
  • Modified Problem-Based Learning Curriculum (mPBL): mPBL’s focus is on self-directed learning and the discussion of learning objectives derived from a clinical case in the presence of a multidisciplinary team of experts. The learning is resident led with faculty facilitation focused on building on the resident’s knowledge and skills. Learn More.
  • High-Value Care Conference (HVC): The goal of HVC conference is to increase resident awareness of value, quality, and cost consciousness. This case-based conference utilizes evidence-based guidelines and small group discussions to identify the value being provided to the patient. Learn More about HVC & Other Quality/Patient Safety Conferences.
  • Learn more about some of the additional conferences we offer.
Fellowship Match

Fellowship Match

Graduates of our program remain competitive in fellowship and job application.

2019 Fellowship Match

Cardiology (13)

  • Cleveland Clinic (3)
  • Lehigh Valley Health Network
  • New York Medical College - Westchester (2)
  • Ohio State University
  • University of Buffalo
  • University of California - Davis
  • University of Cincinnati
  • University of Connecticut
  • University of Kentucky (2)

Endocrinology (2)

  • Cleveland Clinic (2)

Gastroenterology/Hepatology (9)

  • Baylor College of Medicine 
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Loyola University Chicago
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Mayo Clinic - Jacksonville
  • Ohio State University
  • University of Maryland
  • University of Toronto
  • Washington University St. Louis

Infectious Disease (2)

  • Cleveland Clinic (2)

Hematology/Oncology (3)

  • Johns Hopkins
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Northwestern

Palliative Medicine (1)

  • Cleveland Clinic

Pulmonology/Critical Care (4)

  • Baylor College of Medicine 
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Mayo Clinic
  • New York University School of Medicine

Rheumatology (3)

  • Cleveland Clinic
  • McMaster University
  • University of Chicago

General Internal Medicine Jobs (TBD)

  • TBD

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Research/Scholarly Activity

Research/Scholarly Activity

Scholarly Activity is a cornerstone of Cleveland Clinic's mission and an integral part of each internal medicine resident's clinical training.  We offer a robust scholarly activity program with research support and didactics which culminates in national presentations, publications, and awards.  You may read more about the scholarly activity program, research support, lectures, or annual poster session at the links below.




Cory Chevalier, MD
Cory Chevalier, MD,
Director of Wellness & Wellbeing

Improving and enhancing the wellness and well-being of our internal medicine residents is a priority of our internal medicine residency program. We aim to ensure residents have the best possible support for avoiding burnout and depression, while enhancing a work-life balance and career satisfaction. In order to show our commitment to resident wellness and health, we have established a Director of Wellness and Wellbeing to help carry out this mission and work alongside the other directors to nurture this culture. I look forward to working together with all of our residents in building a community which supports a culture of physical, emotional, social, and professional wellbeing, while also fostering connections not only with our patients but also with each other.

Current Initiatives

Physical Wellbeing:

  • Collaborate to ensure access to 9 fitness centers around Cleveland, including 3 that are on campus.
  • Physical fitness events that take place at our fitness centers and beyond.
  • Work to ensure every resident has a “fast track” easy way to sign up for a primary care physician in a location that works for them.

Emotional Wellbeing:

  • Provide early introduction to our Caring for Caregivers resources, which can help with personal and work-related stresses in a compassionate and confidential way.
  • Work alongside our FRAME small group sessions to build strong relationships within the program and discussion and normalize the struggles that we all share.
  • Opportunities to share gratitude and support for your fellow residents and teams within the hospital and clinic.

Professional Wellbeing:

  • Wellness Wednesday walking rounds where we visit residents on the floors, support wellness with weekly messages, check in on overall wellbeing of the resident teams, and provide healthy snacks.
  • Representation on institute and hospital committees to continue to grow the culture of wellness and advocate for residents at every level.

Social Wellbeing:

  • Wellness groups to support resident hobbies outside of work such as running group, movie group, cooking group.
  • Resident gatherings both within Internal Medicine and including all of the residents at Cleveland Clinic at locations such as restaurants, parks, sporting events.
  • Starting 2018 will start our resident talent show!