Who says you can’t travel if you are a surgical technologist?

I began my career as a surgical technologist in North Carolina. The excitement of traveling to other hospitals across the United States gave me the opportunity to see a variety of procedures and many different techniques. I came to the Cleveland Clinic because their philosophy of “Patient’s First” was a strong passion of mine. I also get to be a part of surgeries that do not happen anywhere else in the country. Working at Cleveland Clinic’s main campus has allowed me to work with some of the world’s finest doctors and see a wide variety of procedures.

It’s never too early to start.

I share my insight into my profession with all those I meet who may be interested in becoming a surgical technologist. There are educational programs available in Cleveland and throughout the United States. Not only is your education important for use on the job, but observing surgeries and talking with other surgical technologists will help you decide if this career path is the right one for you. Certification for a surgical technologist is strongly recommended. Joining with your fellow “techs” through networking in the Association of Surgical Technologists allows you to keep informed and stay on top of the newest policies and procedures.

Patients are the reason for the job.

One of the biggest rewards of my job is that you can truly feel as if you have improved a person’s quality of life after a successful procedure. The patient’s protection and well-being are my number one priority. Although we cannot always bond with our patients, we sometimes have the opportunity to meet them before or after surgery. They are always so grateful for what our team does. It makes our job that much more satisfying and another way we can exhibit our “world-class service.”

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