What does a Mammography Technologist do?

Mammography Technologists operate a mammography unit to produce images of the breasts for diagnostic purposes under direction of a physician. They explain the procedure to patients, position and immobilize the patient’s breast in unit, and observe the scanning process. This involves monitoring the video display of the area being scanned and adjusting the density or contrast to improve picture quality. Mammography technologists then review and evaluate the film or image recording plate to determine if images are satisfactory for diagnostic purposes. Throughout this whole process, mammography technologists use radiation safety measures and protection devices to comply with government regulations and to ensure safety of patients and staff.

Types of Work Environments

  • Hospitals
  • Imaging clinics

Education and Training Requirements

Most mammography technicians have an associate's degree or a bachelor's degree in radiology. Sometimes during these undergraduate programs technicians will specialize in mammography. The American Registry for Radiologic Technologists also certifies mammography technician, and there are forty states that currently require this certification by law in order to practice.


According to salary.com, the median salary of mammography technologists is $81,438 per year.

Professional Organization

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