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Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Elias Traboulsi, MD, MEd
ACGME Designated Institutional Official (DIO)
Director, GME
Vice Chair, Division of Education
Chair, GMEC & GMEC Assessment Subcommittee
traboue@ccf.org or gmec@ccf.org

Steven Campbell, MD, PhD
GME Associate Director
Co-Chair, GMEC Quality/Patient Safety Subcommittee
Urology Program Director

John Tetzlaff, MD
GME Associate Director
Chair, GMEC Quality Program Improvement Plan Subcommittee

Lori Smith, MBA
Administrative Director

  • Directs GME Department functions
  • Provides support to the Graduate Medical Education Council (GMEC) activities
  • Ensures compliance to federal, state and Cleveland Clinic regulations and policies as well as program accreditation requirements
  • Acts as a resource to residents and fellows, program directors and program coordinators
  • Directs operation of GME databases and analysis

Janice M. Bianco, MA
Manager, International Physician Services
Responsible Officer, Exchange Visitor Program

  • Serves as Responsible Officer, CCF Visitor Exchange Program
  • Monitors employment eligibility compliance; advises CC HR and Administrators on appropriate visas for international employees
  • Specializes in immigration law
  • Acts as liaison with ECFMG, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Labor and immigration attorneys
  • Manages the Visa Team work group

Lori Cesa
CCAD Physician Internship Program Manager

  • Oversees, monitors and develops curriculum relative to the CCAD Physician Internship Program
  • Ensures program requirements are met by reaching out to the appropriate personnel
  • Creates and maintains interns’ schedule
  • Schedules meetings and events relative to the program
  • Creates and maintains tracking mechanisms in order to monitor completion of the program

Mary Katherine Curry
Assistant Manager, International Physician Services

  • Manages GME appointment process
  • Serves as ECFMG Training Program Liaison
  • Serves as Alternate Responsible Officer, CCF Exchange Visitor Program
  • Acts as liaison with USCIS, Department of State and immigration attorneys
  • Issues Form J1 DS-2019 for research trainees
  • Files nonimmigrant H1B research petitions
  • Advises on visa status

Susan DeAnna
GME Compliance Manager

  • Manages all aspects of house staff and research fellow orientations
  • Compiles and updates Graduate Physicians Manual
  • Tracks and reviews accuracy of employment forms for distribution to HR and Payroll Department
  • Assures compliance of house staff to GME, institutional and government regulations and requirements

Evelyn DeLong
Education Coordinator

  • Processes all visiting residents to Cleveland Clinic
  • Completes verifications for state medical boards
  • Tracks licensure for residents and fellows

Nicale English
Database Manager

  • Manages data integrity, aids in data collection, extracts data, develops reports and assists user support of the MedHub system
  • Serves as subject-matter expert for select MedHub functions such as access, scheduling, duty hours, reporting, learning functions, job descriptions and procedures
  • Supports Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) for main campus
  • Supports National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) for main campus
  • Manages department Outlook listserve groups for program directors and coordinators

Nicole Fennell, MBA
Accreditation Specialist

  • Manages and coordinates the activities of the GMEC QPS and PIP Subcommittees
  • Processes PD/APD changes and new/change program applications
  • Serves as project manager for the ACGME CLER Site Visit
  • Provides education and consultative services regarding ACGME accreditation

Jennifer Haszto, MA
GME Committee Coordinator

  • Manages and coordinates the activities of the GMEC and GMEC Assessment Subcommittee
  • Manages the educational calendars for Drs. Traboulsi, Campbell and Tetzlaff
  • Coordinates the Program Director/Coordinator educational meetings
  • Compiles the Graduate Physicians Manual

Nicole Ingram
GME Department Coordinator

  • Verifies employment for residents and fellows
  • Manages employment verification letters for Cleveland Clinic trainees for visa, RITA, and driver's license bureau
  • Serves as secretarial support and front desk receptionist to the GME Department
  • Coordinates the Schroh loan process

Leslie Jordan
Education Coordinator

  • Coordinates residency training affiliation agreements, letters of agreement and business associate agreements
  • Manages the “processing out” (completion of training) of trainees appointed through GME
  • Produces graduate certificates

Krista Lombardo-Klefos, MBA
Manager, Accreditation Activities

  • Manages the accreditation activities of Cleveland Clinic ACGME training programs
  • Provides project assistance to the DIO, GMEC and subcommittees
  • Provides education and consultative services regarding ACGME accreditation
  • Serves as project manager for the ACGME Pursuing Excellence grant
  • Serves as Institutional Requirements Administrative Team (IRAT) leader
  • Manages house staff travel requests and reimbursement

Alison Rybak
MedHub Coordinator


  • Serves as subject-matter expert for select MedHub functions
  • Supports National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) for main campus
  • Supports Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) for main campus
  • Manages department Outlook listserve groups
  • Supports GMEtrack for main campus
  • Serves as House Staff Association (HSA) coordinator
  • Serves as REALL Train the Trainer Program coordinator

Anna Zulia, MEd
Project Manager/Program Liaison

  • Serves as a liaison between main campus and health system hospitals in addition to state, federal and other medical agencies
  • Leads health system hospitals' MedHub training initiatives
  • Oversees GME reporting for CMS reimbursement
How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Providing a quality educational experience to our trainees is our number one job, which is why our Graduate Medical Education staff is committed to ensuring that our training programs meet or exceed national and institutional standards.

The GME Department also helps in the following areas:


We oversee and monitor program accreditation, the exchange visitor visa program and all institutional policies affecting GME programs.

Human Resources

We recruit trainees, administer payroll, authorize benefits and verify employment as well as perform other HR-related functions.

Customer Service

Please use our staff as a resource for questions about graduate medical education.