Helping employees stay healthy isn’t always easy. That’s why we offer wellness solutions to help individuals make healthier lifestyle choices. Backed by evidence-based medicine and tested clinical protocols, these programs help break unhealthy habits and replace them with new, healthy ones. When employees become more accountable for their health and strive to become healthier, they’re happier and more engaged in the workplace.

Workplace Wellness Assessments

Through our wellness assessments, our experts strategically create a wellness road map for organizations and build stakeholder buy-in. At Cleveland Clinic, we guide employers toward culturally specific solutions that help them meet their wellness goals.

Nutrition Consulting

Employers wanting to promote healthy, active lifestyles among their employees should consider Cleveland Clinic nutrition consulting. Our experts develop, launch and oversee nutrition and wellness programs tailored to meet each company’s unique needs. It’s important to track progress, which is why an ongoing quantitative and qualitative program evaluation can be set up. This helps us, and the client, determine if objectives are being met.

Go! Well

Based on Cleveland Clinic’s expertise, this program provides healthy guidelines that represent the highest standard for healthy food and beverages.

Environmental Assessment

Our experts provide employers with recommendations related directly to the way food is provided and presented.

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