Our Cardiac Center of Excellence (COE) program has been providing employees and covered dependents access to Cleveland Clinic’s unparalleled heart care for 12 years. Cleveland Clinic is nationally ranked for its heart care and recognized as the global leader in cardiovascular care.

As the nation’s leading heart center, this world-renowned cardiac center of excellence program assists those in need of non-emergent heart surgeries. By utilizing a predictive algorithm, clinicians can identify patients who are at risk, while a medical record review allows experts to review a diagnosis to ensure surgery is necessary.

When employers implement a carve-out benefit, it allows 100% coverage for the employee, as well as their covered dependents. Employees and their dependents receive a medical record review to ensure surgery is necessary. If surgery is deemed necessary by one of our clinicians, all deductibles and co-insurance are covered, as well as travel and hotel expenses for the patient and a companion. Our team can work to orchestrate travel arrangements, provide a dedicated patient navigator, and implement exceptional service for every program participant. By helping take care of the details, patients can focus on what is most important — their health and recovery.

Benefits of participating in the Cardiac Center of Excellence:

  • Patients have access to the best heart care in the nation and return to work sooner.
  • Price transparency through global case rates.
  • With a staff of salaried physicians, there is no incentive to recommend unnecessary treatments.
  • A cost savings due to surgical avoidance — thanks in part to the complementary appropriateness of care reviews done by some of the best heart surgeons in the world.
  • Confidence plan members are following the correct and more cost-effective treatment path. In fact, in 15% of the cases we review it’s determined that surgery isn’t needed.
  • In 2020, our Heart, Vascular and Thoracic Institute cared for 667,281 patients at Cleveland Clinic’s main campus in Cleveland, Ohio. This means patients receive the most innovative, effective medical and surgical treatments available.
  • Patients who participate in our Cardiac Center of Excellence program can expect to receive the best care. This stems from one of our core priorities, to treat patients as if they were a member of our own family.

Discover why some of the world’s largest companies have chosen to participate in our Cardiac Center of Excellence solution. Contact us today.