More than ever, companies need to protect the health of their employees, as well as their overall organization. As your organization’s medical director and advisor, Cleveland Clinic will provide access to leading global healthcare expertise, including:

  • Mental & behavioral health support.
  • Occupational risk mitigation (including travel).
  • Performance and wellness optimization.
  • Physical health support.
  • Nutrition consultation.
  • Clinical record review.
  • Health plan benefit design consultation.
  • Emergency and pandemic planning.
  • Advice on new, rare, and evolving diseases and associated specialty pharmacy.

This solution aims to last beyond a global pandemic and lead your organization into the future. Here at Cleveland Clinic, our experts are committed to helping your organization live healthier, happier lives.

Having a Corporate Medical Director through Cleveland Clinic:

  • Means a partnership to bolster health-based strategy, reduce organizational risk, and improve employee health and performance.
  • Reduces the need to hire and manage a full-time physician, allowing your company to concentrate on what you do best, while engaging our team of clinical experts when needed.
  • Allows you to selectively engage Cleveland Clinic when your employees receive complicated, costly diagnoses, resulting in a better patient experience, reduced medical expense and peace of mind.
  • Means you’ll have a clinician who’ll be able to provide timely access to the right experts at the right time for both day-to-day and urgent needs, including pandemics and outbreaks.

Discover why some of the world’s largest companies have chosen to participate in our Corporate Medical Director solution. Contact us today.