Our Executive Health solution transforms the traditional executive physical from a data-gathering exam into a fully integrated, head-to-toe evaluation by top medical staff in the world. To date, we continue to serve over 225 clients a year. This solution aims to discover potential health problems, target, reduce and eliminate medical risk factors and promote wellness.

If specialty consultations are necessary, participants will have priority access to more than 120 Cleveland Clinic medical and surgical experts, many of whom are top-ranked in the world.

Cleveland Clinic combines expert medical, wellness and preventative services to create the most comprehensive, streamlined Executive Health physical examination available.

Our Executive Health solution includes:

  • A comprehensive, preventive exam delivered in an efficient 6-to 8-hour, single-day experience.
  • Pre-appointment consultation with a nurse to discuss appointment needs.
  • Concierge service.
  • Follow-up report prepared by the physician.

We offer the program at three of our Cleveland Clinic locations:

Discover why executives from some of the world’s largest companies have chosen to participate in our Executive Health solution. Contact us today.