When an employee receives a complex diagnosis, searching for the right care and confirming their diagnosis are the first steps they take. Employers may wonder what implications that diagnosis could have on their future healthcare. Cleveland Clinic’s Clinical Review program helps employers and employees address those concerns.

Clinical Review works to educate and inform participants about potential treatment options for similar symptoms and conditions or suggest a further review with a Cleveland Clinic specialist. When employees choose to participate in a Clinical Review, they are connected to some of the top clinicians in the world, giving them peace of mind and access to quality care no matter where they are located.

For employers, the benefits of participation include long-term cost savings as well as improved outcomes. When employees are healthy, it saves time away from work, which results in increased productivity and lower healthcare costs.

Once an employee participates in a Clinical Review they can choose to continue receiving care in their home market or pursue speaking with a specialist from Cleveland Clinic. When an employee chooses to speak with a specialist at Cleveland Clinic they can receive streamlined scheduling with the right provider, which allows all plan members to have equitable access to care with one of the nations leading hospital systems.


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