At Cleveland Clinic, we believe good mental health involves identifying and reducing stressors and creating a satisfying balance in all areas of a person’s life. Now more than ever, taking care of mental health has become a priority for employers looking to create a more resilient and productive workforce.


Clarity is a personalized program focusing on wellbeing and behavioral health. It combines traditional eCoaching elements with cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and mindfulness techniques.

Key benefits of this solution

  • A licensed mental health clinician oversees all participant interactions, successes and struggles, and monitors progress and improvement.
  • Clarity improves emotional wellbeing and helps participants cope with mild stress, worry or unhappiness.
  • Communication between the participant and their licensed mental health clinician is private and confidential.
  • Two different tracks are available, including an eight-week sprint or a full four-month program.

Stress-Free Now

Stress-Free Now is a clinically developed eight-week mindfulness-based stress management program. It focuses on clinically backed practices that reduce stress and increase resiliency in all aspects of life.

This virtual option

  • Is available in a version aimed at helping healthcare professionals.
  • Contains evidence-based curriculum, guided meditations and mindfulness strategies.
  • Includes a personalized stress and vitality profile.
  • Can work on all devices.
  • Is available as a self-paced virtual health app.

Healthy Sleep

With the help of a health coach, participants can make lifestyle and behavior changes to achieve optimal sleep quality. Healthy sleep is an 8-week program that teaches individuals to identify and reframe thoughts and behaviors that are interfering with their ability to sleep deeply.

Key benefits of this solution

  • Includes a dedicated coach.
  • Improves sleep hygiene and related behaviors that help or hurt sleep.
  • Provides individuals with stimulus control activities.
  • Makes stress management and other techniques available to help improve sleep.

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