Once considered terminal, metastatic tumors can now be controlled with aggressive management and new treatment options.

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Not long ago, the diagnosis of one or more metastatic tumors (secondary brain tumors originating from a solid organ cancer elsewhere) was considered a terminal event, with treatment of the tumors limited to palliative whole brain radiotherapy. As central nervous system involvement occurs in about one-fourth of patients with such cancers, brain metastases took a terrible human toll, being the cause of death in just a few months in most affected patients.

Today, aggressive management, aided by a variety of effective treatments, can often lead to indefinite or extended control of even multiple metastatic tumors in patients with controlled or limited systemic disease. At the Rose Ella Burkhardt Brain Tumor and Neuro-Oncology Center, a multidisciplinary team evaluates such patients and applies one or more individualized treatments to secure control of newly diagnosed or recurrent metastatic brain tumors.

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