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August, 2016

Remote heart monitoring can help detect emergencies

Research finds remote heart monitoring can help detect cardiac arrests and other serious events. Dr. Daniel Cantillon comments.

Cleveland Clinic tops in U.S. News heart rankings for 22 years, jumps to #2 hospital spot overall

U.S. News & World Report ranks Cleveland Clinic No. 1 in heart care for the 22nd consecutive year. Dr. Brian Griffin comments.

Regional coordination cuts time to heart attack treatment

Program finds regional coordination cuts time to heart attack treatment. Dr. Umesh Khot comments.


Study: Marriage may improve heart attack survival odds

Steven Nissen, M.D., Chairman of Cardiovascular Medicine comments.

New-Onset HF: Only a 'Troubling' Few Get Timely CAD Testing

Study finds not enough patients with new-onset heart failure get screened for ischemic coronary artery disease during their hospital stay. Dr. James Young comments.

Oklahoma State player Tyrek Coger died of enlarged heart

An Oklahoma State basketball player died from an en-larged heart after a 40-minute team work out on the football stadium stairs in hot weather. Dr. Milind Desai comments.

Fish Oil Is Hugely Popular—But Should You Take It?

New study adds to the weight of evidence in favor of the fatty acids for heart health. Dr. Steven Nissen comments.

BOLD MRI Detects Blocked Arteries, No Stress Needed

Research finds blood oxygen-level dependent magnetic resonance imaging can detect myocardial ischemia without putting the heart under physiological or pharmacological stress. Dr. Paul Schoenhagen comments.

Should you take a daily aspirin?

Dr. Steven Nissen recommends a daily aspirin for those who are at very high risk of a heart attack or previously suffered from a heart attack.

7 Worst Foods For Your Heart

Experts discuss the worst foods for your heart. Registered dietitian Kate Patton comments.

VIDEO: More research needed to determine optimal strategies for reducing HF readmissions

Nancy Albert, PhD, CNS, discusses her presentation at the AAHFN Annual Meeting on reducing HF readmissions.

'He's a miracle': Heart transplant recipient prepares to compete

A 16-year-old who was the recipient of a heart transplant at Cleveland Clinic Children’s prepares to compete in golf in the Donate Life Transplant Games. Dr. Gerard Boyle and transplant coordinator Colleen Nasman comment.

Radiation-associated CAD confers increased mortality risk after PCI

Dr. Milind Desai discusses this new research.

Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery for NSCLC reduces pain, improves quality of life

Dr. Daniel Raymond shares his perspective on video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery study.

Abnormal Longitudinal Strain May Predict LV Dysfunction

Dr. Milind Desai comments on LV dysfunction study.

Ohio man racing in Sweden marathon to honor surgeon who helped save his life

Dr. Pettersson featured.

Elevated troponin following non-cardiac surgery may provide clinical predictor for mortality

Venugopal Menon, MD provides insight.

FDA nudges companies to reduce sodium in processed food by a third

The Food and Drug Administration wants restaurants and food manufacturers to voluntarily cut the salt they add to food by one-third over the next decade in an effort to save thousands of lives a year from high blood pressure. Dr. Steven Nissen comments.

Institution Spotlight: Bioresorbable vascular scaffolds at forefront of investigation at Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Ellis is interviewed about this a promising new update to stent technology.

Why Stress Tests Could Be More Stressful Than They're Worth

The use of cardiac stress tests have skyrocketed, but Dr. Steven Nissen says they're often unnecessary and can lead to more expensive and riskier procedures.

Silent heart attacks strike more men but kill more women

Study finds nearly half of all heart attacks may be silent, occurring without any symptoms like chest pain, shortness of breath and cold sweats. Dr. Leslie Cho comments.

Perspective by Dr. Cantillon on AFACT trial & VANISH trial
Smartphone-based ECG monitor effective for diagnosing palpitations

Perspective by Dr. Tarakji on smartphone ECG monitoring.

Why so few patients get the new cholesterol busters

Dr. Steven Nissen comments on the use of new cholesterol-lowering drugs.

What’s the Optimal Waist Size to Maintain Good Heath?

Dr. Leslie Cho answers

Here’s What You Need To Know About Whole Milk And Your Health

Dr. Steven Nissen explains what you need to know about whole milk and your health.

New cholesterol methods needed in wake of failed drugs, heart researchers say

ACCELERATE trial – Dr. Nissen comments.

Statin intolerance is real, researchers find. Another (more costly) drug may get around the problem

GAUSS-3 trial Dr. Nissen comments

Increasing endovascular treatment for CLI linked with lower mortality

Dr. Shishehbor comments.

Exciting News on TAVR; Tempered by Unanswered Questions with Dr. Svensson

The Truth About Weight Loss

Cleveland Clinic and Parade magazine reveal results of weight loss survey. Dr. Leslie Cho and Dr. Gordon Blackburn comment.

Younger, Fatter, Sicker: New Heart Attack Data from Cleveland

Cleveland Clinic study shows despite the general public’s better understanding of cardiovascular risk factors, doctors are seeing younger heart attack patients displaying these risk factors.

Gut bacteria hold clues to heart health

Dr. Stanley Hazen comments.

Younger Heart Attacks

Heart attack victims are getting younger with more risk factors with Dr. Samir Kapadia

Artificial Heart may eliminate need for heart transplants

With Dr. Moazami.

Gut microbes affect platelet function, risk for MI, stroke

With Dr. Hazen

Failure Is Not an Option

More interventional techniques are being used to improve outcomes for patients with heart failure. Dr. James Young comments.

At-Risk Limbs More Likely to See Catheter Than Scalpel

Dr. Mehdi Shishehbor discusses findings from recent critical limb ischemia study.

Out-of-hospital pediatric cardiac arrest survival remains poor, similar to adults

Dr. Iqbal El Assaad and team of researchers at Cleveland Clinic Children’s find survival rates from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in children are low, but certain characteristics improve outcomes.

High ‘good’ cholesterol is bad for some

Dr. Nissen comments.

Maria Sharapova Admits Taking Meldonium, Drug Newly Banned by Tennis

Dr. Steven Nissen comments on the use of the drug meldonium.

A little cha-cha may help your heart

Study finds Latin dancing appears to offer heart health benefits to older adults. Dr. Dermot Phelan comments.

Energy drinks raise more health concerns

Dr. Dermot Phelan comments.

Young women less likely to return to work after heart attacks

Dr. Leslie Cho comments.

Dr. Leslie Cho on Women’s Heart Health

Cleveland Clinic Cardiologist Dr. Leslie Cho explains why we should be aware of women's heart health all year long.

Testosterone gel is no fountain of youth, study finds

Dr. Nissen comments

The Odds of Dying

Heart disease and cancer account for roughly half of all deaths in the United States. Dr. Maan Fares comments.

Exercising for Your Heart – in the New Year and Beyond

Dr. Leslie Cho explains how regular exercise benefits the body.

Katie May: Can Falling the Wrong Way Cause a Stroke?

Social media star dies of a stroke caused by a carotid artery dissection. Dr. Heather Gornik comments.

How Much Exercise Does Your Heart Need? Most of Us Aren't Getting Enough

Cleveland Clinic survey finds most people do not know how important exercise is for your heart. Dr. Steven Nissen and Dr. Gordon Blackburn comment.

Echocardiography Still Underused, But Less So

Study suggests diagnostic echocardiography has been steadily increasing in hospital use over the past decade but may still be underused in cardiac settings where it has the greatest value. Dr. Brian Griffin and Dr. Christine Jellis comment.

Survey: Many people not reducing their risk for heart disease

Exercise greatly reduces the risk for heart disease, but many of us aren't getting enough. Dr. Dermot Phelan comments.

New Heart-Health Threat: Compounds in Red Meat, Egg Yolks and More

Research suggests that compounds in red meat, egg yolks and high-fat dairy products raise risk for heart disease. Dr. Stanley Hazen discusses his research.

What's Your Heart Health IQ?

Cleveland Clinic teamed with Parade Magazine for annual Heart Health Survey.

Heart Attack Causes and Symptoms are Different in Women

According to the AHA, heart attack causes and symptoms are different in women than in men. Dr. Leslie Cho comments.

Keep Your Heart In Shape

Dr. Gordon Blackburn from the Cleveland Clinic shows us how to keep your heart healthy since February is Heart Health Awareness Month.

Dr. Marc – February Medical Minute

Dr. Marc – February Medical Minute – Know your Numbers


New therapies change landscape of care for patients with HF

Dr. Randall Starling comments on new therapies for heart failure.

Robotic surgical mitral valve repair associated with high survival, few complications

Study finds robotic surgical mitral valve repair associated with high survival and few complications. Dr. Rakesh Suri comments.

Shorter time from diagnosis to ablation improves persistent AF outcomes

Cleveland Clinic study finds outcomes are worse for atrial fibrillation patients who wait to have an ablation. Dr. Oussama Wazni comments.

6 Things Doctors Tell Their Friends About Heart Health

Experts share the best advice they tell their friends about heart health. Dr. Stanley Hazen comments.

Do You Have Muscle Pain While Taking a Statin Drug?

Experts explain how to protect against muscle pain caused by statins. Dr. Steven Nissen comments.

Coffee and Your Heart: Stimulant or Stressor?

Research suggests drinking coffee is safe for your heart, and may even be good for it. Dr. Christine Jellis comments.

New therapies change landscape of care for patients with HF

Dr. Randall Starling comments on new therapies for heart failure.

Robotic surgical mitral valve repair associated with high survival, few complications

Study finds robotic surgical mitral valve repair associated with high survival and few complications. Dr. Rakesh Suri comments.

Heart Failure: a Growing Problem Worldwide

Experts seeking to improve patient survival and quality of life share vital guidance. Dr. Randall Starling comments.

New Dietary Guidelines Urge Americans to Eat Less Sugar

Federal officials issued new dietary guidelines urging Americans to sharply cut back on sugar and eat less saturated fat and sodium. Dr. Steven Nissen and Kristin Kirkpatrick, RD, manager of wellness nutrition services comment.

CEO of United Airlines has a heart transplant

Dr. Starling comments .


December 2015

Should frail or demented patients have defibrillators implanted?

Study suggests frailty and brain health should be taken into account when determining whether patients should have a defibrillator implanted in their chest. Dr. Oussama Wazni comments.

11 Winter Produce Picks That Pack a Health Wallop

Experts share 11 winter produce picks that can help you tackle your biggest winter health complaints. Heart and Vascular Institute registered dietitian Kate Patton comments.

Sudden cardiac arrest may follow missed warning signs

Study suggests sudden cardiac arrest may follow missed warning signs. Dr. Venu Menon comments.

Preventing heart disease start may start deep inside your gut

New TMAO research finds targeting gut microbes could lower risk of heart disease. Dr. Stanley Hazen comments.

November 2015

U.S. Heart Groups to Weigh New Data for Hypertension Treatment Guidelines

Dr. Steven Nissen comments.

Belly Fat May Be More Dangerous for the Heart Than Obesity

Study shows belly fat may be more dangerous for the heart than overall obesity. Dr. Leslie Cho and Dr. Daniel Neides comment.

October 2015

Younger Women More Likely to Die of Heart Attacks Than Men — And the Reason Why Is Totally Preventable

New research finds young women at risk for heart disease are less likely than men to be informed of their risk before having a heart attack. Dr. Deborah Kwon comments.

Next in Heart Pacemakers: ‘Look, No Leads!'

Leadless pacemakers are in studies for possible FDA approval. Dr. Daniel Cantillon comments.

TCT: Drug-Coated PAD Balloon Results Durable

Trial finds a drug-coated balloon showed durable benefit over standard angioplasty in symptomatic femoropopliteal peripheral artery disease Dr. Mehdi Shishehbor comments.

Couple who had heart surgery together recovers in time for 75th anniversary

Couple who had heart surgery together at Cleveland Clinic celebrates their 75th anniversary. Dr. Samir Kapadia comments.

Eli Lilly's Good Cholesterol Drug Went Bad. Here's What That Means For Pharma

Dr. Steven Nissen comments on results of cholesterol drug study.

Clot Risk Is Seen in Some Heart Valves

Dr. Kapadia comments.

September 2015

Diabetes Drug Reduces Deaths, But Doctors Aren't Sure How

Dr. Nissen comments.

Panel Says Aspirin Lowers Heart Attack Risk For Some

The US Preventive Services Task Force is releasing new recommendations for using aspirin to prevent heart disease and colon cancer. Dr. Steven Nissen comments.