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Health Essentials

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To provide patients and physicians with the latest information about cardiovascular health, please visit the Cleveland Clinic’s Heart and Vascular Institute Health Essentials blog, offering free and timely content related to heart, vascular and thoracic topics. The regularly updated blog will explore current topics related to research, Cleveland Clinic physician perspectives on breaking news stories and offer an outlet for Cleveland Clinic heart patients to share their story with readers.

"There's a strong demand for information about the heart and heart health from authoritative sources," says Maan Fares, MD, the medical director for the heart blog. "The Health Essentials blog is the source of breaking news from Cleveland Clinic's cardiovascular program. It provides commentary from our experts on current issues. And it features stories that will enrich and enlarge readers' knowledge and appreciation of the heart in all its complexity. We want readers to check in on the Health Essentials every day."

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