In the 1950’s, Warrensville Heights was mostly farmland with sheep grazing on the open pastures. Two groups of enterprising physicians toured the landscape and purchased acreage for two different kinds of hospitals. Each dreamed of achieving new levels of accessibility and quality in the delivery of healthcare for the rapidly growing community.

Brentwood Hospital and Suburban Community Hospital both opened in 1957 as next-door neighbors, separated by a creek. Their two different approaches to patient care were innovative, but also sources of early rivalry. While competition for patients was fierce, the physicians also consulted each other on various medical issues and cases in the best interests of the surrounding communities.

After many years of commitment to patient care excellence, the two small hospitals merged to form South Pointe Hospital, which continues to serve the community’s healthcare needs. As a teaching hospital, South Pointe passes its legacy of commitment onto new generations of visionary physicians.