Cleveland Clinic Children's Healthcare Partners

Cleveland Clinic Children's Healthcare Partners is a team of patients and family members who have had previous experience with Cleveland Clinic Children’s services or programs. We work collaboratively with caregivers to promote and enhance safer patient care and improve the patient experience.

What's our goal?

Our primary goal is to make sure the thoughts, perspectives and opinions of patients and families are being included in Cleveland Clinic Children’s decisions.

How are we involved?

Our members have had many opportunities to speak with hospital staff about their experiences with patients and families. Through those discussions and our own experiences, we've been able to advise and encourage positive change by providing valuable insights into Cleveland Clinic Children's projects and initiatives. There are many opportunities to serve as a Healthcare Partner, ranging from a monthly on-campus commitment at Cleveland Clinic main campus to virtual only participation or simple email communication.

Get involved

If you're interested in becoming a Healthcare Partner volunteer within Cleveland Clinic Children’s, click the below link and complete the application.

Adult Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

Adult Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

Hillcrest Hospital’s Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is a diverse group of patients who meet regularly to advise the Hillcrest Hospital team on ways to enhance the patient experience by providing more patient-centered care in an effort to help fulfill its goal of becoming the healthcare choice for our community. You can help create patient-centered care by sharing your insight and voice.

By becoming a PFAC member and sharing your unique experience, you can help Hillcrest improve its services and make a difference in the lives of other patients and families. If you are selected to become a member, you will be asked to serve a maximum two-year term. There is no educational background or experience required.

To become a member of the PFAC, you must:

  • Be a former patient, family member and/or caregiver
  • Share Hillcrest Hospital’s commitment to excellence in patient-centered care
  • Have a positive approach and ability to share and see different points of view
  • Be able to commit to serve yearly for a maximum of two years
  • Attend  a Patient and Family Advisor Orientation