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Who Are Our Cleveland Clinic Children's Healthcare Partners?

A team of patients and family members who have had previous experience with Cleveland Clinic Children’s services or programs. We work collaboratively with caregivers to promote and enhance safer patient care and improve the patient experience.

What's our goal?

Our primary goal is to make sure the thoughts, perspectives and opinions of patients and families are being included in Cleveland Clinic Children’s decisions.

How are we involved?

Our members have had many opportunities to speak with hospital staff about their experiences with patients and families. Through those discussions and our own experiences, we've been able to advise and encourage positive change by providing valuable insights into Cleveland Clinic Children's projects and initiatives. There are many opportunities to serve as a Healthcare Partner, ranging from a monthly on-campus commitment at Cleveland Clinic main campus to virtual only participation or simple email communication.

Contact us

We look forward to connecting with you! If you have any questions, please email ChildrensHealthcarePartners@ccf.org.



Quality & Safety 

  • Developed “Speak Up for Safety” for families, which helps keep families safe by providing awareness and escalation tools. 
  • Involved Cleveland Clinic Children’s Healthcare Partners with pediatric safety rounds.
  • Engaged Cleveland Clinic Children’s Healthcare Partners with quality/safety committee work – medication safety, readmissions and CLABSI sub-committees.
  • Presented the patient/parent voice at several Pediatric and Patient Experience forums, such as State of Safety, Grand Rounds and the Patient Experience Summit. 
  • Collaborated with the Office of Continuous Improvement on pediatric patient care model for complex patients.

Collaborating with Cleveland Clinic Children’s Caregivers

  • Provided family-centered recommendations for the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Outpatient Center renovation (R Building). 
  • Delivered feedback on the renovation for the new intermediate unit - M30.
  • Share real life experiences and key insights multiple times a year at resident presentations.
  • Cleveland Clinic Children’s Healthcare Partners committee focused around pediatric to adult transition care. 
  • Assisted in creating the new inpatient white boards on Cleveland Clinic main campus.
  • Supplied feedback on patient photo ID tool. 
  • Offered feedback for the Cleveland Clinic Children’s inpatient amenity and welcome guide.
  • Worked with Morrison Healthcare on a pediatric friendly inpatient menu.
  • Started Pearls from Parents: A quarterly communication to Pediatric caregivers written from the perspective of the patient and parent.

Patient & Family Engagement

  • Expanded Cleveland Clinic Children's Healthcare Partners beyond Cleveland Clinic main campus in order to reach all Cleveland Clinic Children's pediatric areas. 
  • Virtual accommodations – Expanding and offering convenient ways to share the patient/family voice. 
  • Established First Hand, a peer-to-peer mentorship program.
  • Designed pull-up banners to promote regional Cleveland Clinic Children’s Healthcare Partners involvement.
  • Created tear pads to drive awareness around Cleveland Clinic Children’s Healthcare Partners.
  • Established Gratitude November – An annual service event of Healthcare Partners giving back to Cleveland Clinic Children’s. 
  • Cheer on Children’s: Caregiver COVID support – Initiative to show support and thanks to caregivers during the pandemic. 
  • Held a Cleveland Clinic Children’s Healthcare Partner Retreat to focus on strategy & engagement.
Resources Get Involved

Get Involved

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Cleveland Clinic Children's Healthcare Partner!

How do I get started?

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer and want to share your voice within Cleveland Clinic Children's, click the below link and complete the application. Upon receipt of your application, someone from Healthcare Partners leadership might contact you for a phone interview.

After the interview process, below are the next steps to becoming a Children's Healthcare Partner. There are virtual and in-person opportunities. 

  • Complete the Cleveland Clinic online onboarding process
  • Receive a background check
  • Get a TB (tuberculosis) test
  • Commit to being a Healthcare Partner for at least one (1) year
  • Attend an orientation session 

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding the process or would like to speak with someone prior to completing the application form, please email ChildrensHealthcarePartners@ccf.org.