Curriculum Highlights

Curriculum Highlights

Health Promotion

The Center for Family Medicine faculty saw a need to increase expertise of residents through more formal training in Health Promotion. The 2nd year residents take part in the Health Promotion rotation, which is scheduled during the 9th block, usually around February-March.

  • Focus areas include: key health risks, evidence-based recommendations, behavior change and practical office implementation strategies
  • Rotation topics include: behavior change theory/models, USPSTF Review, alcohol abuse, smoking cessation, obesity management, nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, STEP UP Study Review, office time management, self-assessment (chart audit) and a group project
  • Residents benefit by getting individual evaluations each session, focus groups following the rotation, pre- and post-tests, and self-evaluation of health promotion practices.

All faculty are involved in teaching this rotation, which promotes faculty development and team building among residents and faculty.

International Health

The Family Medicine Residency Program offers an International Health Track. The educational goals of this track include achieving heightened awareness of the health needs in developing countries, and experiential training in the provision of that care.

The International Health Track curriculum will consist of  1 1/2 to 2 block rotations.

  • The first block or half block elective occurs in the second year and includes reading, conferences and some seminars, if available, about various aspects of international health. This rotation is organized in collaboration with international health faculty at Case Western Reserve University.
  • The second block is an away rotation in the third year under the supervision of our faculty member Dr. David Eberlein. He undertakes an annual medical mission trip, usually to Guatemala. He has also been to Nigeria in the past, and he has recently returned from a trip to Peru in January of 2008 with one of our third year residents, Dr. Oscar Cornelio.
  • Residents may choose to participate in one of Dr. Eberlein's trips or they may design a different overseas experience related to their own geographic area of interest.

Essentials of Family Medicine Rotation

The interns participate in the Essentials of Family Medicine rotation, which is scheduled during their 3rd block rotation. During this rotation, residents learn the foundations of Family Medicine and gain knowledge in health promotion and chronic disease management.

This rotation is filled with fun and educational team building activities. The residents get an introduction to our longitudinal procedure curriculum by spending an afternoon in our procedure lab at South Pointe Hospital. Residents are also introduced to self-reflection portfolios, which help foster life-long learning.

Sports Medicine

The Family Medicine Residency Program at Fairview Hospital, in collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic Sports Health Department, offers a well-rounded, exceptional education in the field of sports medicine.Residents rotate and work with the team physicians for the Cleveland Browns and Cavaliers. They can participate in the medical coverage of such sporting events as the Cleveland Marathon, the Mid-American Conference Basketball Tournament, and teams such as the Lake Erie Monsters Hockey Team and Cleveland State University athletics. Additionally, residents have the unique opportunity of providing sports medicine coverage to local area high schools. Currently, as part of a longitudinal elective in sports medicine, residents from our program serve as the team physician at Westlake High School and participate in weekly training room athletic injury clinics, and provide sideline medical coverage for the academic year.

These experiences, along with a Sports Medicine Lecture Series, organized by the Cleveland Clinic Sports Health faculty and precepting at our Family Medicine Clinics by the primary care sports medicine fellows, provides Fairview's Family Medicine Residency Program with an outstanding educational experience and exposure to the field of sports medicine.

Call the Sports Medicine Department at 216.444.2185.

Care Enhancement

Care Enhancement (CE) is an exciting new educational experience that we piloted successfully in the 2011-2012 academic year and are continuing to shape going forward. Our concept is that residents learn about the care of our most vulnerative patients by coordinating and delivering services to this population during this block. It feels really good when you know that something you arranged or did yourself made a big difference for a patient. The CE resident communicates closely with the Inpatient Team and Center for Family Medicine (CFM) physicians and staff to identify opportunities to prevent hospital admissions and readmissions, enhance quality of life, improve patient and caregiver satisfaction, and prevent adverse outcomes. Contact with patients and families can occur in the home, in the CFM, in the hospital, or in the nursing home or other extended care facility.

Internal referral to the CE resident for evaluation and intervention can be made by anyone in the CFM who perceives a potential need. A registry of at-risk and vulnerable patients is maintained in our EMR. In the 2012-2013 academic year, our model is that CE occurs in two contiguous blocks, during which an elective experience is also arranged, such that the CE responsibilities occur during half of the available time during the two blocks. Supervision is by the Inpatient Service attending physician and Dr. Kelly. Normal patient care in the CFM and attendance at required conferences are maintained.

Integrative Medicine in Residency Track

Our IMR Track is an implementation of the highly regarded Integrative Medicine in Residency curriculum through the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine in Tucson, lead by Dr. Andrew Weil. We are currently the only residency program in Ohio to offer this experience. It is an option for the third year of residency, and 4 of 6 residents in the class of 2014 are participating currently. The 200-hour curriculum is delivered primarily online in a self-paced manner, augmented by experiences in the Cleveland Clinic's Center for Integrative Medicine, as well as mentorship and discussion with Dr. Kelly, who is himself a Fellow in the Arizona Center's class of 2015.

Participants are required to devote one elective block to this experience, as well as some of their own discretionary time throughout the year. The IMR Track is a great compliment to our education in motivational interviewing, therapeutic communication and osteopathic principles and treatment.

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Sample Rotation Schedule

Sample Rotation Schedule

Below is a sample rotation schedule.

Block PGY-1 PGY-2 PGY-3
Block 1 Akron ER Ambulatory Pediatrics Allergy/ENT
Block 2 ER Behavioral Science Care Enhancement/Elective
Block 3 Essentials of Family Medicine Family Medicine Care Enhancement/Elective
Block 4 Internal Medicine Cardiology Family Medicine
Block 5 Int. Med. or Family Med. at Metro CCU Eye/GU
Block 6 Pediatrics Inpatient at Metro Sports Medicine Elective
Block 7 Family Medicine Pediatric Inpatient Elective
Block 8 Hospital Medicine Elective Family Medicine
Block 9 Internal Medicine Health Promotion Community Medicine
Block 10 OB Gynecology Elective
Block 11 OB Geriatrics ER-2
Block 12 Surgery-Outpatient Management of Health Systems Elective
Block 13 Surgery-Inpatient Dermatology Orthopedics

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