To provide a comprehensive experience, we strive for balance: balance between training in the hospital and the office; balance between the treatment of acute and chronic medical problems and the application of preventive and health promotion strategies; balance between the traditional biomedical approach and the important psychosocial, spiritual and family aspects of patient care.

We also believe in a balance between patient care, education, and our own personal and family needs. We offer a positive working environment focused on education. We acknowledge and support family issues such as pregnancy and illness. We provide a reasonable and humane call schedule. Residents and their families participate in a variety of educational and social activities, including residency picnics, parties, athletic events and an annual retreat.

Inpatient Training

The care of hospital patients is taught from two perspectives. First, residents rotate through all the traditional clinical services and have the opportunity to learn directly from specialists in those fields. Fairview Hospital and the Cleveland Clinic have busy clinical services, designed and dedicated for education. Second, residents care for their own patients on the family medicine service at Fairview, under the guidance of our faculty. Residents learn the core principles of family medicine, including continuity, coordination, comprehensiveness and cost-effectiveness of care.

Outpatient Experience

The heart of Family Medicine is ambulatory care. Our model office, the Center for Family Medicine, provides an excellent environment for learning. We see more than 18,000 visits a year. From the beginning of the first year, each resident is an integral member of our healthcare team. The resident provides continuous care for a defined panel of families over the three years of training. Support is given by our behavioral scientist, patient education nurse, family medicine nurse practitioner and other specialty consultants. Our diverse practice population provides experience with patients of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Residents learn from and with their patients, precepted by an enthusiastic group of full-time faculty, community family physicians and sports medicine fellows. Our office is well-equipped and staffed with sincere, friendly people, who are there to help you. Our program uses the Cleveland Clinic's electronic medical records system, called EPIC. We have access to MyChart, which is a patient portal that allows us to communicate with patients by email. We have health maintenance guidelines in our charts to assist us in providing high-quality preventive care. We have an active and constructive quality improvement process. We have an organized, comprehensive patient education program led by our patient education nurse. We have contracts with a large variety of insurance companies, including private insurers as well as Medicare and Medicaid. Residents gain extensive experience in managed care and practice management.