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A Simpler Path for Women’s Health — From Midlife and Beyond

Welcome to the Cleveland Clinic Women’s Comprehensive Health and Research Center

Healthcare Reimagined — For You.

Your body changes as you move through your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond. A lot. And it’s not just your cycle changing or feeling stiff when you get out of the bed in the morning. It’s about facing these changes head on and wanting to feel your best. You deserve healthcare that helps you lead an active life. That’s where Cleveland Clinic comes in. 

Whether you’re just entering midlife, or you’ve moved into your 60s and beyond, we have the one-stop care you need. You’ll feel seen, heard and supported at our Women’s Comprehensive Health and Research Center.

We’ve created an environment where you can readily access all the health services you need. From streamlining how you book appointments to guiding and supporting you through your healthcare journey, you can count on us. No matter your age, background or health needs.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Your Healthcare Needs

Your healthcare needs never stop evolving. And they’re different today than when you were in your 20s and 30s. You may be wondering, “Where do I go from here?” Cleveland Clinic has the answers — and care — for you.

As you age, you may need care from providers in different specialties. But finding the right match and making all those appointments can be tricky. Especially if you’re trying to navigate it on your own. Cleveland Clinic is making it easier for you.

With the help of the center's Chief Visionary and Strategic Advisor Maria Shriver, we're empowering you and other women to navigate your health journey with confidence and clarity. A well-known journalist and women's health advocate, Maria Shriver founded The Women's Alzheimer's Movement Prevention and Research Center at Cleveland Clinic. She'll continue to leverage her experience, influence and passion for advancing women's healthcare to help us transform the way we deliver care today — and into the future.

Through the new Women’s Comprehensive Health and Research Center, you can access providers from the specialties you need in one convenient place. When you reach out, our patient navigators will schedule an evaluation. That’s your first step to getting personalized care. You can count on our navigators whenever you need help or support. They’re here for you.

You’ll see experienced providers every step of the way — ones dedicated to your well-being. Ones who dive deeply into research to redefine healthcare for midlife and beyond. Our team is here for you in many ways — inside and outside the exam room — with telehealth services, virtual visits and digital tools at your fingertips.

Schedule comprehensive care

We’re here to listen to your concerns. And answer all your questions. We treat all kinds of conditions common to midlife and beyond. We’ll build a personalized care plan to prevent, treat or manage many conditions like:

Learn more about your health and well-being

You may find many things baffling about your health in midlife and beyond. And that’s OK. We're here to help you get the answers and information you need to make better, more knowledgeable decisions about your well-being. We offer many different online resources, support groups and even shared medical appointments to make this easier for you.

Meet Our Women’s Comprehensive Health and Research Center Team

When you come to Cleveland Clinic, you’ll see healthcare providers invested in the best healthcare for midlife and beyond. Depending on your needs, your care team may have experts like:

Benefit from our innovation and research

Our center's providers are dedicated to improving women's health for midlife and beyond. We’re working to pioneering new tools, therapies and thinking that will redefine care for this stage of life across specialties. Not just locally but globally, too.

Taking the Next Step

The changes that come with this stage of life aren’t always easy. And managing them can take a lot of time and energy. But Cleveland Clinic sees you. When you work with providers from our Women’s Comprehensive Health and Research Center, you can rest easy knowing we’re listening. And that we’re here to guide you through it, from your first call.

Ready to make an appointment? Call 216.444.8686 today to schedule an evaluation at the Women’s Comprehensive Health and Research Center.

Looking for even more time with our experts? Schedule a CustomFit Physical today.

Cleveland Clinic Women’s Comprehensive Health and Research Center
Beri Ridgeway, MD

“Midlife marks an important milestone in ensuring changes to a woman’s menopausal and hormonal health, reproductive health, mental health, chronic conditions and preventive care are addressed. Our priority is to help women in this stage of life make educated decisions about their health and have access to the services they need to thrive, while also feeling seen, heard and supported.”

— Beri Ridgeway, MD, Enterprise Chief of Staff

Everything You Want to Know About Menopause

You might wonder if what’s happening to you is normal. You want answers but aren’t sure where to get the best information. That’s why we have shared medical appointments at many Cleveland Clinic locations. You’ll get to talk with your providers and others also going through menopause. It’s a terrific way to ask questions and learn about what to expect during this time of life.

If you’re in Ohio or Michigan, you can join us for our weekly group virtual menopause visits. Call us at 216.444.8686 to reserve your spot. Or explore all our care options.

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Wondering About Your Menopause Symptoms?

From brain fog to weight gain to hot flashes, explore answers on Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials.

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