Pre-Surgical Evaluation for Epilepsy.

What happens when medications are unable to control seizures?

Drs. So & Lachhwani discuss the next steps when medications don't work.

When medications are unable to control seizures, Cleveland Clinic Epilepsy Center doctors perform a careful evaluation to determine the best alternatives for treatment. Norman So, MD, a neurologist specializing in epilepsy treatment, and Deepak Lachhwani, MD, a pediatric neurologist, discuss the presurgical evaluation process for patients.

This in-depth video covers the process of diagnosing and treating patients, whether adults or children, including the tests that may be required, collaborative meetings of multidisciplinary experts, and the circumstances under which surgery is recommended.

Presurgical Evaluation Flowchart

Our presurgical evaluation flowchart explains when surgery is either recommended or ruled out when medications are not effective.


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