Shared Acupuncture Medical Appointments (SAMA) are now available to increase the accessibility for patients and to address the concerns over the costs of this treatment. This method allows a group of patients to receive treatment at the same time in one room.

Shared Verses Private Acupuncture Treatments

Shared acupuncture treatments works the same way as traditional acupuncture except that patients remain fully clothed. Patients can roll up their pant and shirt sleeves while sitting in recliner chairs. Multiple people can be treated at one time. The cost of each Shared Acupuncture Medical Treatment is $40 per session.

Private acupuncture treatments are provided in a private treatment room and is best for those needing more extensive treatment or techniques. The cost of a private acupuncture medical treatment is $120 for new patients and $100 for follow-up visits. These visits may be covered by your insurance; however, it is always a good idea to check with your insurance company prior to your first appointment.

For both shared and private acupuncture visits, the patient needs an initial private consultation which costs $120. During this initial visit, medical conditions to be treated will be discussed and a treatment plan will be formulated that is specific to each patient. The acupuncturist will assess whether the patient is a good candidate for shared acupuncture treatments.