The Cleveland Clinic Lung Transplant Program is a leader in lung transplants, for both patient volumes and successful outcomes. Since the program's inception in 1990, we have performed over 2,200 lung transplants making our lung transplant program the largest in the country in terms of cumulative volume. The Cleveland Clinic Lung Transplant program maintains the highest level of care for our patients throughout all phases of the transplant process. We have earned a national and international reputation for offering transplantation as an option for patients over the age of 65 and older, high-risk candidates with end stage lung disease who may have been declined candidacy elsewhere or need concomitant cardiac procedure or are in need of a multi – organ transplant. Our team also has an expertise in the transplantation of patients with systemic sclerosis and short telomere syndrome. As a result of or our expert care, we continue to have excellent early and long term survival rates above the national average. We have an aggressive and innovative donor procurement program that has led to shorter waiting times on the list for our patients and higher transplant rates. By receiving care at the Cleveland Clinic, patients will have access to a wide array of experts in different subspecialties should they need them.

A unique feature of our transplant program is that patients can live within 1,000 nautical miles of the Cleveland area while awaiting a lung transplant, which means they do not have to relocate to Cleveland. We follow our patients for the life of their transplant for continuity of care, and we continue to collaborate with our patient’s local physicians. The transplant process can appear to be overwhelming and challenging. However, you can feel confident in choosing the Cleveland Clinic Lung Transplant Program to help navigate patients through this life changing journey.

A Team Approach

The entire Cleveland Clinic Lung Transplant Team is trained to support a patient’s journey through the transplant progress. Every member of our team is specially trained in meeting the needs of lung transplant patients. The team is committed to providing comprehensive care in a compassionate setting. The Lung Transplant Team members include:

  • Transplant surgeons
  • Transplant pulmonologists
  • Transplant psychiatrics
  • Infectious disease team
  • Pharmacologists
  • Transplant coordinators
  • Transplant fellows and residents
  • Registered nurses
  • Nursing assistants
  • Dietitians
  • Social Workers
  • Transplant Ambassadors
  • Transplant financial counselors
  • Speech pathologists
  • Physical therapists

For More Information

Phone: 216.444.8282 or 800.223.2273 x48282

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