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Cleveland Clinic All Cause 30-day Readmission Rate to any Cleveland Clinic Hospital

2017 – 2019

Cleveland Clinic monitors 30-day readmission rates for any reason to any of its system hospitals. Unplanned readmissions are actively reviewed for improvement opportunities. Comprehensive care coordination and care management for high-risk patients has been initiated in an effort to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and emergency department visits. Even though the complexity and illness burden of our average patient has increased in recent years, we have been able to maintain a stable readmission rate.

Our efforts to decrease readmissions include:

  1. Partnering with Skilled Nursing Facilities to ensure high quality care.
  2. Ensuring that the patient has what they need when leaving a hospital:
    a)The medication list is accurate for all patients upon admission and discharge.
    b)The discharge summary is helpful and available to the patient and caregivers upon discharge
    c)The patient has a follow up appointment scheduled in the appropriate amount of time
  3. Enhancing care coordination and optimizing the use of home care services.