Focus on Value

Cleveland Clinic utilizes a systematic framework to performance improvement to monitor and improve the safety, quality and patient experience in all areas and at all levels throughout the organization. Performance improvement goals and objectives are aligned with the organization’s mission, vision, values and strategic priorities. Through a collaborative, proactive approach, focused improvements are driven with systems and processes. This standardized approach drives clinical and service excellence that emphasizes a culture of value and improvement.

Real-time data are leveraged in each Cleveland Clinic location to drive performance improvement. Although not an exact match to other publicly reported time periods, more timely reporting promotes transparency and quality improvement across the health system.

Quadruple Aim

•Improving the Health of Populations

•Enhancing the Experience of Care for Individuals

•Reducing per Capita Cost of Healthcare

•Improving Care Team Wellbeing

Cleveland Clinic’s vision is to be the best place for care anywhere and the best place to work in healthcare. Safety and Quality remain core values of the organization to ensure the highest standards and excellent outcomes are achieved through effective interactions, decision-making and actions. With our model of care being focused on “Patients First”, Cleveland Clinic is committed to delivering patient-centered care while ensuring strong performance in safety, quality and patient experience. Creating new models of Value-Based Care remains a strategic priority for our organization. Cleveland Clinic is advancing our strategic key priority of engaging caregivers by building a diverse and inclusive culture; recruitment of caregivers and conducting workforce planning.

Cleveland Clinic has developed and implemented new models of care that focus on “Patients First” and aim to deliver on the National Academy of Medicine's goal of Safe, Timely, Effective, Efficient, Equitable, Patient-centered care. Creating new models of Value-Based Care is a strategic priority for Cleveland Clinic. As care delivery shifts from fee-for-service to a population health and bundled payment delivery system, Cleveland Clinic is focused on concurrently improving patient safety, outcomes, and experience.