Back on TREK is helping patients cope with pain.

Low Back Pain Program

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Chronic back pain can be tricky to manage. Many patients seek the advice of multiple healthcare professionals and receive conflicting opinions, which can be confusing and stressful. Cleveland Clinic’s low back pain program, called Back on TREK (BoT), is a program where spine specialists partner with physical therapists and behavioral medicine specialists to improve the outcomes for people experiencing chronic low back pain. With a unique team approach to care, the program is designed to promote recovery of function and to empower patients to manage their pain. Behavioral medicine specialists, physical therapists, and spine physicians work collaboratively to develop individualized treatment plans. Treatment plans include individual and group physical therapy and behavioral medicine sessions. The program duration may be up to 12 weeks and is dependent on each patient’s needs. Appointments with spine medicine specialists and family education may also be included.

To be eligible to participate, patients should be:

If you would like to learn more about the program and to determine your eligibility, please call our appointment center at 216.636.5860 to schedule a phone call with the Back on TREK triage nurse or email

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