What is the HVTI Healthcare Partners Council?

“Patients First” is our guiding principle.

The Heart, Vascular and Thoracic Institute (HVTI) Healthcare Partners Council is comprised of current and former Cleveland Clinic patients who received care within HVTI, as well as those who offered support throughout the experience and recovery. The healthcare partners work together with Cleveland Clinic caregivers to improve the patient experience by identifying and bridging gaps in the needs of patients and families.

Our Mission

The HVTI Healthcare Partners Council will identify and address diverse patient needs to provide an optimal experience for patients, families and caregivers.

Making a Difference

Healthcare partners share similar health concerns and experiences, and are dedicated to working with compassionate and empathetic caregivers who want to collaborate to make a difference in healthcare now and in the future. During monthly meetings, healthcare partners are able to share their experiences and concerns about what did and did not work while they were in our care.

Our Values

Our Values

  • Dignity and Respect
    • Listen to and honor each other’s viewpoints and experiences
    • See value in differences
    • Ask questions to better understand and avoid judgment
  • Information Sharing
    • Communicate and share ideas in ways that are affirming and useful
    • Receive feedback and respond in a timely fashion
    • Help make decisions
  • Active Participation
    • Share experiences
    • Provide honest feedback
    • Treat information appropriately and confidentially
  • Collaboration
    • Think beyond you own experience
    • Build on each other’s ideas
    • Arrive prepared to begin work as a team
Get Involved

Get Involved

HVTI Healthcare Partners can get involved in many ways. Healthcare partners:

  • Help review proposed patient-focused print materials for user friendliness.
  • Offer feedback on proposed ideas to improve the patient experience or medical processes.
  • Participate in special projects with nursing or administrative teams.
  • Promote greater awareness of patient education materials and services available.
  • Review patient experience data to make recommendations on improvements.
  • Interview patients and/or family members to help prioritize patient needs.
  • Offer feedback from a patient perspective about the environment of care.

In addition, healthcare partners have the opportunity to participate in volunteer projects and programs across Cleveland Clinic’s health system.

If you are interested in becoming an HVTI healthcare partner, complete the application.

Upon receipt of your application, someone from the Office of Patient Experience may contact you for a phone or in-person interview.

If selected, you will be asked to become a member of the Cleveland Clinic Volunteer Services Department. This involves:

  • Completing Cleveland Clinic’s online onboarding process
  • Getting a background check
  • Getting a TB test
  • A one-year commitment
  • Attending an orientation session 


Since its establishment in July 2017, the HVTI Healthcare Partners Council has helped implement numerous changes and improvements throughout Cleveland Clinic. Some of these accomplishments include:


  • Creation of a patient education folder
  • Revision of HVTI’s Step-Inside map
  • Enhancements to MyChart  and appointment letters
  • New directional signage, wayfinding tools and amenities
  • Partnered with Cleveland Clinic Red Coats to improve coverage between the JJ garage and J Building<


  • Improved outpatient department (OPD) wait times and patient communication
  • Comfort and overall waiting area experience
  • Addition of device charging stations


  • Creation of welcome letter to help establish expectations
  • Communication boards
  • Bundled night-time care, Quiet at Night

Patient Interactions, Education and Growth

  • Helped arrange  speakers and presentations
  • Assistance with patient feedback questionnaires
  • Interviewed patients about experience in waiting areas

Advisory and Feedback

Provided feedback on

  • Patient education handouts
  • Research protocols
  • Video education