Thoracic Surgery

Lobectomy for Stage I Lung Cancers

Lobectomy for Stage I Lung CancersVolume

2013 – 2017

Cleveland Clinic surgeons use video-assisted/robotic techniques whenever appropriate for patients who require a lobectomy. These procedures are less invasive than open procedures and can improve outcomes.

Year VATS/robotic % Open %
2013 66% 34%
2014 68% 32%
2015 80% 20%
2016 77% 23%
2017 75% 25%

VATS = video-assisted thoracic surgery

In 2017, 164 of the 200 lobectomies performed by Cleveland Clinic in 2017 were for stage I lung cancer. The majority of these procedures were performed by a minimally invasive technique

Lobectomy Postoperative Median Length of Stay


Many of the procedures Cleveland Clinic thoracic surgeons perform can be done using both open and video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) techniques. The use of VATS or robotic techniques is associated with less postoperative pain, a shorter length of stay, and a faster return to normal activities.

VATS = video-assisted thoracic surgery

In 2017, VATS/Robotic procedures reduced the length of stay for patients who had segmentectomy and lobectomy procedures.