Aortic Disease

Thoracic Aorta Disease

Thoracic Aorta Repair: Volume and Type

2019, N = 205

Cleveland Clinic surgeons performed 205 descending thoracic aorta/thoracoabdominal aorta repair procedures in 2019. The majority of these were elective procedures that involved an endovascular approach.

Data from the STS Adult Cardiac Surgery & Vascular Surgery.

Thoracic Aorta Repair: In-Hospital Mortality


Extensive experience with both open and endovascular treatment options for patients with thoracic aortic disease results in life-saving therapy for patients. This includes even those who require high-risk emergency treatment.

STS Adult Cardiac Surgery Database and Vascular Surgery Data

In the current reporting year, Cleveland Clinic surgeons performed 127 elective and and 39 emergency descending thoracic/thoracoabdominal endovascular aortic procedures. The in-hospital mortality rates were 0.8% and 7.7% , respectively. The in-hospital mortality rates among the 27 elective and 12 emergency open descending thoracic/thoracoabdominal aortic repairs were 3.7% and 8.3%, respectively.