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Valve Surgery, Total Volume

2013 — 2018

Cleveland Clinic is the highest-volume heart valve surgery hospital in the country, and the outcomes are among the best in the world. Cleveland Clinic valve surgeons provide comprehensive treatment for patients with all types of valve disease.

In 2018, Cleveland Clinic surgeons performed 3263 valve surgeries.

Valve Surgery, Primary Operation and Reoperation Volume

2018, N = 3263

In 2018, Cleveland Clinic surgeons performed 2396 primary valve procedures and 867 valve reoperations.

Valve Surgery: Primary Operation and Reoperation In-Hospital Mortality

2018, N = 3263

Patients who have valve surgery reoperations have a somewhat higher risk of death compared with patients who have a primary operation, due to the overall decrease in health over time. Despite this, the in-hospital mortality rates at Cleveland Clinic were lower than expected in 2018 for both reoperations and primary procedures.

Data from the Vizient Clinical Data Base/Resource Manager(TM) used by permission of Vizient. All rights reserved.

Valve Surgery, In-Hospital Mortality by Procedure Type


Cleveland Clinic surgeons performed 3263 valve surgeries in 2018. The procedures included in this graph are only those that are recognized by the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS). Mortality rates for all procedures were lower than the STS expected rates. There were no deaths after isolated aortic valve replacements and mitral valve repairs, despite complex operations and reoperations.

AVR = aortic valve replacement, CABG = coronary artery bypass graft, MV = mitral valve, MVR = mitral valve replacement, TAVR = transcatheter aortic valve replacement

Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) National Adult Cardiac Surgery Database