Music Therapy Programs Affiliated with Cleveland Clinic

The Arts & Medicine Program at Cleveland Clinic was established in 2008. It encompasses music therapy, art therapy, performance arts, research, and education. As of June 2022, the music therapy team consists of nine full-time music therapists as well as a music therapy program manager. The team also receives support from a research coordinator who oversees research for the entire Arts & Medicine program.

Arts and Medicine offers medical music therapy practicum and internship opportunities for eligible students from affiliated academic programs. Practicum rotations are offered in-person at Cleveland Clinic's main campus and some of its regional hospitals. For more information about practicum experiences, please contact Dr. Debbie Bates, MT-BC at

Cleveland Clinic offers a six-month, full-time internship designed for students who wish to obtain board certification and pursue a career in music therapy. The medical music therapy internship program at Cleveland Clinic is committed to providing individualized, quality educational experiences and training to prepare students for a career as a music therapy professional.

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Eligibility to apply: The Cleveland Clinic medical music therapy internship program is a university-affiliated internship with agreements with specific educational institutions. In order to apply, the student must be associated with one of the following affiliated AMTA-approved programs:

Acceptance of a student from one of the other listed academic institutions (found in the information packet), Cleveland Clinic will enter into negotiations with the academic institution to secure an affiliation agreement governing the student's internship.

Application materials:

To apply, please request an application from Internship Director, Stephanie Morris, MMT, MT-BC at

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