What Echocardiograph (Echo) Technicians Do

Echocardiograph technicians are a very specific kind of diagnostic medical sonographer dealing with the heart. Echo technicians use ultrasound devices and other imaging tools that use sound waves to create images of the heart. They inspect the chambers and walls of the heart as well as the valves. An echocardiogram can be administered externally on a patient's chest but can also be conducted by placing a tube down a patient's esophagus to get closer to the heart internally.

Types of Work Environments

  • Hospitals
  • Imaging clinics

Education and Training Requirements

Although some echo technicians gain their training on the job, it is helpful to attend a formal education program. This is usually a post-secondary course of study that awards a certificate/diploma, an associate degree, or even a bachelor's degree in echocardiography or diagnostic medical sonography. Certification for this career is voluntary at this point, but many employers prefer to hire candidates who have proven their abilities through certification.


According to salary.com, the median salary for echocardiograph technicians is approximately $84,712 per year.

Professional Organization

The American Society of Echocardiography

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