Shared Medical Appointments

Shared Medical Appointments

How Shared Medical Appointments Can Benefit You

Shared Medical Appointments (SMA) are a unique appointment held in the company of others who share similar health concerns. Most SMAs are held over a series of appointments, held each week at a specific time with the same group of patients. These appointments will teach you how to improve your health and well-being through lifestyle changes.

These appointments offer you extended time with medical practitioners and lifestyle medicine providers, in the company of others who share similar health concerns. More information is often exchanged during a SMA than in an individual office visit as participants learn from each other’s comments and interactions with experts. SMA participants also benefit from the support of others in the group. Shared medical appointments are covered by most insurance plans. Participants are responsible for insurance copays at each appointment and depending on the program, a one-time charge for program materials.

Functioning for Life Series

Functioning for Life is a robust 10-week program of shared medical appointments designed for new patients to the Center for Functional Medicine. Disease-specific programs have been developed and patients can select the series that is right for them. These group appointments introduce patients to the functional medicine approach and provide the necessary laboratory testing, health information and dietary guidance needed to achieve optimal wellness.

Functional Nutrition 365 Series

The Functional Nutrition 365 Series (FN365) uses the power ofongoing support and guidance to help you maintain and sustain.

Continue receiving support from our Registered Dietitians. This program meets every other week and includes 4 total group visits spread out over 8 weeks.

Shared Nutrition Appointments

SNAs are a series of uniquely designed nutrition appointments. They offer you extended time with the functional medicine team in the company of others who share similar health concerns.

One of the benefits of SNAs is that more information is exchanged in this type of visit as employees learn from others’ comments and interactions and benefit from the group support.

Check back for updates about upcoming Shared Nutrition Appointments.

Behavioral Health Appointments

Behavioral Health Appointments

At the Center for Functional Medicine we recognize that the mind-body connection is real. When we are faced with emotional challenges, our physical well-being can be compromised. This is why we offer Behavioral Health Therapy as part of our overall suite of services.

Our goal is to help patients enhance their life skills so they can build resilience, improve wellness and optimize health. Behavioral Health Therapy can help you discover how emotional issues may be keeping you from feeling your best.

Appointments & Locations

Appointments & Locations

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Express Care Online

Cleveland Clinic Express Care® Online is medical care built for the way you live today. Instead of coming into the office for your next follow-up visit with your provider, you can schedule a virtual follow-up appointment from a smartphone, tablet or computer – it’s never been easier for you and your family to instantly access world class care at home or work. Let your provider know if you think a virtual visit may be right for you.

Or call us at 216.445.6900 to learn more about Express Care Online.

MyConsult Second Opinions Coming Soon

For patients who cannot travel to Cleveland but would like an online expert consultation from a Cleveland Clinic Functional Medicine Physician, Registered Dietitian and Health Coach, Cleveland Clinic offers specialist consultation and second opinions using the Internet. The service, MyConsult, provides online expert opinions for patients with life-threatening and life-altering diagnoses.