MyConsult® Online Medical Second Opinion

Cleveland Clinic’s MyConsult Online Medical Second Opinion program connects you to the expertise of top Cleveland Clinic specialists without the time and expense of travel. This unique service gives patients secure, online access to Cleveland Clinic specialists for over 1,200 diagnoses.

Use MyConsult® Online Second Opinion to:

  • Make the most informed decision about your healthcare or that of a loved one
  • Ensure your diagnosis is correct
  • Ensure your treatment plan is optimal for you
  • Receive a comprehensive written report from a Cleveland Clinic expert
  • Learn more about your condition
  • Learn about new, innovative treatment options
  • Ask additional questions

How it Works

Through our secure web platform, patients can submit their detailed health information, medical records and diagnostic test results. The most appropriate Cleveland Clinic expert is assigned to the consultation and will render a detailed second opinion. The report includes commentary about the diagnosis and treatment options or alternatives and recommendations regarding future therapeutic considerations. Patients are also able to send additional questions to the physician who provided the report.

Our Cleveland Clinic expert will work directly with you and your locally-based doctor to make recommendations about your treatment plans or options.


Online second opinions are not covered by Medicare or Medicaid and we are unable to accept insurance payments.

We accept payment by most major credit cards or certified U.S. bank check or money order.

  • Medical Second Opinion Consultation: $565
  • Medical Second Opinion Consultation with Pathology Review: $745
  • Medical Records Collection (United States): $245
  • Medical Records Collection (International): $325
Traveler Emergency Program

Traveler Emergency Program

Global MedAssist Program

To meet the increased demand for high-level medical care and consultations for international travelers, Cleveland Clinic offers the Global MedAssist Program (GMAP). Developed in collaboration with telemedicine pioneer VIGILINT, GMAP provides you 24/7/365 medical assistance anytime, anywhere in the world.

This distance health collaboration is a patient-first offering, designed to augment your existing health insurance with on-demand full spectrum care through a single point of contact. GMAP leverages Cleveland Clinic’s global network of physicians and specialists and VIGILINT’s highly specialized emergency physicians and emergency preparedness experts, who provide global travelers a 24/7 solution through a medical concern.

The foundation of GMAP is our 24/7 Medical Operations Center. One call to the Medical Operations center and the seamless network of care begins. No matter the scale of the healthcare issue or where you are in the world, GMAP offers immediate access to viable and reputable healthcare providers who deliver comprehensive individualized healthcare solutions.

GMAP’s innovative telemedicine technology provides you:

  • Advanced medical management, including 24/7 access to translators in over 100 languages.
  • Pre-travel medical evaluation from VIGILINT physicians and secure electronic storage of your medical health record.
  • Review and recommendations of current vaccinations based on your unique travel itinerary.
  • Comprehensive, itinerary-specific medical contingency plans detailing medical threat, vulnerability, probability and consequence assessments with guidance to prevent and protect you from illness and injury.
  • Detailed evaluation of local medical services and facilities for any proactive emergency medical management you may need.
  • Aeromedical evacuation services, coordinating all aspects of evacuation to your hospital of choice with assured ongoing access to VIGILINT and Cleveland Clinic physicians for post-travel related illnesses and continued communication with your primary care physician to ensure complete continuity of care.

Watch the Case Study video.

For more information, contact one of our specialists at 1.800.970.0395 or info@vigilint.com.

Additional Online Consultations

Additional Online Consultations

Online International Pathology Consultation
Pathology readings completed by specialized pathologists for patients outside of the United States.

Online Radiology Consultation
Evaluation of an imaging study completed by a specialized radiologist.

Online Plastic Surgery Consultation
Cosmetic surgery consultations provided by our expert, specialized surgeons.

Online Pediatric Behavioral Health Consultation
ADHD second opinions for patients in Ohio.