Medical Weight Management

Excess weight is a major risk factor in the development of diabetes.

Medical weight management includes patient education in shared monthly nutrition visits and medical supervision in shared monthly medical appointments. Each group of participants focuses on 1 of 3 diet regimens: meal replacement, Mediterranean diet, or protein-sparing modified fast.

Medical Weight Management HbA1c Change by Program Type

N= 113

MR = meal replacement

PSMF = protein sparing modified fast.

HbA1c = glycated hemoglobin A1c, a glycated hemoglobin fraction.

All three dietary programs showed a mild improvement in HbA1c for prediabetic and diabetic patients. The upper limit of normal for HbA1c is 5.6%.

There is some overlap in population for each diet, as participants may switch between them. Each set of bars represents the change in A1c only for the duration of that participation.