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Departments & Centers

Learn about the departments, centers and specialty clinics within the Endocrinology & Metabolism Institute.
Departments & Centers

Departments & Centers

Adrenal and Neuroendocrine Tumor Center

Learn more about Cleveland Clinic's Adrenal and Neuroendocrine Tumor Center, which provides multidisciplinary treatment by our expert endocrinologists for neuroendocrine tumors (NETs).

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Diabetes Center

Cleveland Clinic's Diabetes Center provides specialty care and education to patients at an early stage – helping them to manage their diabetes with their primary care provider.

Learn More about the Diabetes Center Learn More

Department of Endocrine Surgery

Dedicated to routine and complex operations for thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, and neuroendocrine tumors, including metastases to the liver. Performing more than 1,000 operations per year, the practice is busiest in Ohio and one of the busiest in the world.

Learn More about Endocrine Surgery Learn More

Metabolic Bone Disease & Endocrine Calcium Center

Addressing problems associated with the regulation of the body's bone, mineral and hormone functions.

Learn More about the Endocrine Calcium Clinic Learn More

Obesity and Medical Weight Loss Center

Helping people achieve and maintain weight loss success, while improving their lives.

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Thyroid Center

Dedicated specialists from medical endocrinology, endocrine surgery, pathology, nuclear medicine, radiation oncology, and medical oncology collaborate to form your personalized treatment plan.

Learn More about the Thyroid Center Learn More
Specialty Clinics

Specialty Clinics

Calcium & Mineral Metabolism Clinic

For the investigation, diagnosis and treatment of calcium and other mineral and vitamin abnormalities.

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Osteoporosis & Bone Clinic

The Osteoporosis & Bone Clinic focuses on the treatment and prevention of a wide range of skeletal issues caused by osteoporosis.

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Parathyroid Clinic

For the investigation, diagnosis, clinical and surgical management of hyperparathyroidism.

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Vitamin D Clinic

The Vitamin D Clinic addresses problems associated with the absorption and metabolism of Vitamin D, also known as Vitamin D Deficiency.

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Endocrinology & Metabolism | Cleveland Clinic

Why Choose the Endocrinology & Metabolism Institute?

Our staff is dedicated to exploring ways to improve the care of these patients and to teaching the best methods for treating them. Cleveland Clinic is ranked as one of the nation's top hospitals by U.S. News & World Report. Our multidisciplinary institute is made up of more than 50 medical and surgical endocrine specialists, nurses along with a team of medical assistants, diabetes care and education specialists, secretaries, patient service representatives, coders, administrators and managers, working together to provide the finest care in the country.

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Online Virtual Visits

Online Virtual Visits

You can stay connected to your healthcare team though virtual visits, using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Ask your provider about what options are available.

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