The table provided to the right displays the annual salaries of Family Medicine residents at Lakewood Family Health Center, which went into effect April, 2017. These numbers are contingent upon the resident's level of training throughout the residency program. In addition to an annual salary, residents are also rewarded excellent benefits. Read below to learn more about Family Medicine resident benefits.

Level of Training Annual Salary
PGY 1 $58,642
PGY 2 $60,618
PGY 3 $62,577

Continuing Medical Education

  • Residents receive a $350 stipend to purchase books and/or software during their first year.
  • Residents receive an $800 stipend to attend a weekend educational conference during their second year.
  • Residents also receive a $1600 stipend to attend a one-week conference (five working days) during their third year.
  • Additionally, the resident may use part or all the R-2 and R-3 education stipend for the purchase of medical textbooks, computer software, other educational materials, or journal subscriptions, up to the maximum amount per year.

Hand-Held Device

Residents will be provided an iPhone upon the start of their residency. Residents will be required to use this phone as their cell phone contact throughout their residency. The phone will be turned in at the completion of their residency. Residents may also use other devices as long as they are compatible with the applications used by the program.

Health Benefits

  • Residents receive health coverage through the hospital's flexible health benefits program.
  • This includes the opportunity for dental insurance.
  • A life insurance policy equal to the resident's salary and a disability policy are provided at no charge to the resident.
  • Medications may be obtained at invoice cost at the hospital pharmacy.

Maternity/Paternity Leave

Residents are permitted up to 12 weeks maternity leave. Accumulated paid sick leave, vacation and/or a one-month elective rotation may be utilized during a maternity leave period. A detailed maternity/leave policy is available.

Male residents are permitted up to 14 calendar days for paternity leave.

Any time beyond the available vacation/sick/elective time must be made up in order to adhere to the ACGME rotation guidelines.


First year residents are not permitted to moonlight, but R-2s and R-3s may moonlight when not on duty for regular residency responsibilities. Opportunities exist for moonlighting work at several locations in the immediate area. Residents must have a medical license to moonlight.


Convenient, free parking is provided.

Professional Dues

Membership dues for the American Academy of Family Physicians, Ohio Academy of Family Physicians, Cleveland Academy of Family Physicians, AOA, and ACOFP are provided by the hospital.

Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

Residents are covered by the hospital's professional liability insurance while performing duties within the scope of their medical education.

Sick Leave/FMLA

For continuous absence of more than one week, the resident may be eligible for short-term disability per hospital policy. Please keep in mind that for sick days exceeding 7 in the same academic year, the resident must make up the time lost or use up vacation days. These days must be made up to meet the ACGME rotation requirements.

Vacation / PTO

All residents receive 3 weeks (15 working days) of paid vacation for each academic year. These vacations must be scheduled in advance. Each resident is given a vacation request form prior to each academic year. Residents are encouraged to take 1 week vacation at a time and spread throughout the year. The number of residents or faculty allowed to be away at one time is limited, so vacation times may need to be adjusted to meet practice and residency needs.

According to ACGME RRC requirements, allopathic residents cannot be away for more than 1 month per academic year without making the time up at the end of residency. Our program has converted this to a maximum of 22 working days a year away. After subtracting the 15 vacation days, that leaves 7 days for sick leave.