Learn more about Taussig Cancer Institute

At Taussig Cancer Institute, part of the Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center, more than 250 highly skilled doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals provide advanced cancer care to thousands of patients with cancer each year.

Clinical trials and internationally known cancer research efforts ensure that patients have access to the latest advances in cancer treatment. A range of support programs are available to help patients navigate the changes and challenges associated with cancer.

How We Care For You

Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center can help answer questions you have about cancer, schedule appointments for consultation with a physician, provide a cancer treatment plan, support you and promote your well-being during your treatment and your life beyond treatment.

Supporting You To Be Well

The life changing events that occur when you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer are difficult and challenging. Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center offers many services and programs to help you navigate those changes and challenges while promoting your well-being.

Getting Here and While You're Here

We know getting around downtown Cleveland can be a challenge. We hope to make it easier for you with convenient parking options, and food and pharmacy services in one location.