A Prescription for a Better Future and a Greater Cleveland

Healthcare is in the midst of dramatic change. New technologies, new medications and new approaches for treating the sick have changed the way we deliver care. Societal, economic and legislative forces are influencing how we pay for care and where it will be delivered.

In light of these dynamic changes, we know that tough choices must be made. At Cleveland Clinic, we are committed to the communities we serve, but in the coming years our hospital system will look different than it does today.

Healthcare providers are being challenged to do more with less. We’re looking closely at everything we do and every dollar we spend. We’re even examining the fundamental principles of health care: asking why we’re here and what we hope to accomplish for patients and communities. These questions may sound simple, but we must answer them carefully, because the direction we take today will affect healthcare for years to come. The old adage is correct. “If you don’t create change – change creates you.”

Cleveland Clinic Quality & Outcomes

At Cleveland Clinic, we believe that transparency is an essential part of quality. That’s why Cleveland Clinic is the first major medical center to publish annual outcomes and volume information for its medical specialties. Each outcome includes comprehensive data on procedures, volumes, mortality, complications and innovations.

21st Century Healthcare

21st Century Healthcare

Healthcare is changing. Patient needs are changing. Government regulation is changing. With an evolving landscape and overwhelming expectations, Cleveland Clinic has begun a transformation of its healthcare system that meets the needs of this changing environment.

Read examples of how Cleveland Clinic is working to deliver more efficient, high quality patient care:


At Cleveland Clinic, we understand that when you’re sick, you don’t want to wait for medical care. And we believe you shouldn’t have to. Below are a few ways in which we are making access to care at Cleveland Clinic easier.

Shared Medical Appointments

Shared Medical Appointments are an innovative way to increase patient access. These visits begin with the patient seeing the doctor alone, followed by a group session with patients who have the same condition. Shared visits are an excellent resource for patients with diabetes and other chronic conditions and cost the same as an office visit and are covered by insurance. Cleveland Clinic research has shown SMA’s increase patient satisfaction and allows more time (90 minutes) with their physician.

Critical Care Transport

Cleveland Clinic has a critical care program that provides specialized care by Cleveland Clinic physicians, nurse practitioners and critical care nurses to patients by ambulance, helicopter and fixed-wing jets. We can provide critical care services to an expanded population, allowing patients access to superior medical care from bedside to bedside, no matter their location.

Improving Care Coordination

Critical to creating a patient-centered, high quality healthcare system is the ability to coordinate care across the continuum. Visit this website for more information about how Cleveland Clinic along with other leading healthcare systems is leading the way to better care.

Economic Vitality

Economic Vitality

Economic Impact Report

As a non-profit organization, Cleveland Clinic and its regional hospitals serve the community by caring for the sick and advancing medical care through research and education.

The health system’s Economic and Fiscal Impact Reports show that through the fulfillment of its mission, Cleveland Clinic is a proud contributor to the economic strength and vitality of the locations we serve.

Community Care

Community Care

Community Health Initiatives

Minority Men's Health Fair

Each year the Minority Men's Health Center hosts a fair that has grown to serve 1,500 men with free health screenings for prostate cancer, hypertension and diabetes, as well as seminars and information on topics including stroke prevention, smoking cessation, nutrition, exercise, organ donation, reproductive health and cancer.

Health Collaboratives

Cleveland Clinic is proud to work with local and national healthcare partners to deliver coordinated, high quality healthcare. Read here to learn more about these exciting collaboratives:

Community Benefit

Cleveland Clinic has been an engaged community partner, committed to its mission of delivering high-quality patient care, groundbreaking research and medical education. In 2010, our Community Benefit report reveals the largest level of community benefit in the history of reporting. This continued growth in our community benefit demonstrates our focus on creating a healthier population in Northeast Ohio.

System Overview

System Overview

A Changing Healthcare System

The economy and demographic makeup of the United States is in the midst of historic realignment.

These changes have a dramatic impact on the way in which we deliver healthcare. Patients are living longer, with more chronic disease, and expect expedited and advanced care in more convenient settings.

In light of these changes, Cleveland Clinic must shift the way in which we deliver care in order to meet the needs of our patients. With over 43,000 employees, 16 family health centers, 8 community hospitals, a main campus and additional facilities in Las Vegas, Florida, Canada and Abu Dhabi, we are an integrated healthcare system, committed to providing the highest quality healthcare in new and innovative ways.

We have an opportunity to lead during this time of change by consolidating services throughout our health system to drive centers of excellence, build expertise and enhance efficiencies and quality so we can provide the best possible care for all of our patients.

Across the Nation

Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

In February 2009, Cleveland Clinic announced the development of the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas, Nevada. A highly specialized clinical center, the goal of the Center is to prevent the disabling symptoms of chronic brain diseases and to prolong healthy, vital aging in people at risk for dementia or cognitive disorders.

The facility, a Frank Gehry design, houses clinical space, a diagnostic center, neuroimaging rooms, physician offices and laboratories devoted to clinical research.

In Our Greater Cleveland Community

Marymount Hospital Obstetrics Services

Starting July 1, 2011, Cleveland Clinic’s Marymount Hospital, serving the southern tier of Greater Cleveland, will transition the delivery of babies from its hospital to Hillcrest Hospital and Fairview Hospital.

The demographics of Marymount Hospital's communities have changed and we must change with it to better meet the needs of our patients. Projections show a 7% drop in women of childbearing age and an increase of 5% of people ages 65+ by 2015. To respond to these shifts, we are strengthening services in women’s health including treatments for osteoporosis, menopause, incontinence and other gynecological needs, as well as cancer services tailored specifically for women.

Stephanie Tubbs Jones Health Center

Stephanie Tubbs Jones Health Center will be a new model of outpatient care that links healthcare with social and financial services. The design of the center will reach beyond traditional healthcare services and link with community resources in one location to make it easier for patients and their families to access the healthcare, social and financial services they need. Cleveland Clinic’s Stephanie Tubbs Jones Health Center will offer a variety of outpatient services, including primary and specialty care, specialized care for women and children, mental health services, as well as prevention, wellness and health education programs.

Increasing the Convenience for Patients

Family Health & Surgery Centers – New Additions in Our Community

To better serve the changing needs of our patients, improve access and provide increased outpatient services, Cleveland Clinic has expanded on its current Family Health Centers by adding two brand new locations in Twinsburg and Avon, Ohio. These Family Health & Surgery Centers offer primary care and many medical, surgical and imaging specialties. We offer evening and weekend hours with our primary care physicians, and even Sunday hours at some locations.