Disease Reversal Programs

The Ornish Program

Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute is the first and only Ohio location to offer a three-month comprehensive program – Cardiac Lifestyle Intervention Program -developed by Dr. Dean Ornish, for people with heart disease. This program has had a profound impact by teaching people with heart disease how to make critical yet achievable changes in every aspect of their lifestyles.

The Ornish Program is designed for people who have:

  • Coronary artery disease
  • Stable angina (chest pain with exertion)
  • Had bypass surgery or stents at any time in the past
  • Had a heart attack in the previous 12 months

The Ornish Program involves 72 hours of intensive lifestyle intervention – nutrition education, monitored fitness, stress management, and group support - aimed at heart health. This program supplements traditional conventional treatment for heart disease.

Medicare and many private insurers now offer coverage for this program. Patients’ financial responsibility will vary by insurance.

For details about The Ornish Program, including eligibility criteria, please call 877.331.9355 or email lifestylemed@ccf.org.

Dr. Esselstyn's Program

Smart health begins one meal at a time. Let Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD show you how his simple and delicious diet-based heart wellness program will keep your heart and arteries healthy for years to come.

You don’t have to have heart disease to enjoy the protective effects of Dr. Esselstyn’s diet.

Learn the basics in a single 5 ½ hour class that includes lunch. Spouses attend for free.

Call 888.231.3829 to register or for more information.

Cost: $975

For Appointments - 216.448.HEAL (4325)

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