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Wellness Institute

Learn about Cleveland Clinic initiatives to prevent illness and foster health.

About the Wellness Institute About the Wellness Institute
Learn who we are and what we do to promote wellness.
Executive Health Program Executive Health Program
Comprehensive, streamlined executive health physical exams and more.
Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine
Combines the best of traditional medicine with research-proven complementary approaches.
Programs & Services Programs & Services
Explore programs & services including Childhood, Employee and Workplace Wellness, Go! Healthy and more
Patient Resources Patient Resources
Wellness resources for you: recipes, webchats, videos, events, newsletters and more!
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Make an appointment or find a location for our services.


The New Science of Exhaustion

Dr. Daniel Neides discusses the 're-branding' of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Aging Presidents

Dr. Michael Roizen explains how stress can impact the aging of the President.

Should I Eat Tofu?

Experts discuss the nutritional benefits of tofu. Kristin Kirkpatrick, RD, manager of wellness nutrition services, comments. Watch the video and read the article.

Fiber: Secret Weapon for Weight Loss?

A new study finds increasing fiber intake to at least 30 grams a day may work just as well to lose weight and improve health as the American Heart Association diet. Kristin Kirkpatrick, RD, manager, wellness nutrition services, comments.

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