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International Traveler's Clinic

There's nothing worse than getting sick while on a well-deserved vacation or during an important business trip.

There are steps you can take to stay healthy while traveling abroad. You can receive immunizations, vaccinations, medicine and travel tips personalized towards your unique itinerary from the specially trained physicians and staff at the International Travel Health Clinics.

What We Offer

We provide the following services:

Pre-Travel Risk Assessment

Studies show that if you visit a travel health expert before international travel, you are seven times less likely to get sick on your trip. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you chronically ill and have a problem such as heart disease, chronic lung disease or diabetes mellitus?
  • Will you be traveling or living overseas for an extended period of time, such as an exchange student or expatriate?
  • Are you headed for a remote location or developing county (i.e. on a religious or medical mission)?
  • Are you unsure or concerned about access to sophisticated medical care at your travel destination(s)?

If any of the above apply to you, we recommend a Pre-Travel Risk Assessment. You'll receive the following personalized services by our specially trained physicians and nurses:

  • Review itinerary, length of stay, and current travel conditions/advisories for your destination
  • Assess potential health risks, including the need for special vaccines, immunizations or medications
  • Assess general medical and safety concerns for your specific itinerary
  • Up-to-date information on the immunizations and medications recommended for the part of the world you’ll be visiting
Vaccinations and Immunizations
  • All travel-related and routine vaccinations (your specific itinerary will determine the ones you might require). These may include:
    • Routine flu vaccination, Hepatitis A, Typhoid
    • Childhood vaccinations – polio/diphtheria/pertussis/tetanus
  • We are an official state-designated Yellow Fever Vaccine Center.
  • Anti-malarial, anti-diarrhea and others -- personalized to your itinerary
  • CDC recommendations cover countries as a whole; at your visit we can help you sort out what you need and what you do not.
  • Tips and advice on avoiding insect-borne and food-borne illnesses
  • Information about local medical facilities at your destination
  • Advice on accessing proper health care, including medical evacuation, if necessary
  • Precautions on water and food, climate and activity
  • Advice on hygiene and protection against sexually transmitted diseases
  • Other -- personalized to your itinerary
Post-Trip Evaluation
  • Upon your return, we offer a full evaluation for any traveler who has fever, diarrhea or any new illness.


Visits to travel health clinics are out-of-pocket and usually not covered by traditional medical insurance plans. Please ask for more information when you call to book your appointment.


Schedule a visit to the International Travel Health Clinic most convenient for you. Please contact our centralized scheduling center locally at 216.444.8845 or toll-free at 800.223.2273 ext. 48845.

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Our Doctors

Doctors staffing International Traveler's Clinics are available at various locations:

Cleveland Clinic Main Campus

Steven Mawhorter, MD is board-certified in both Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease. He holds a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene from Liverpool, England. He is a member of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, the International Society of Travel Medicine and the Wilderness Medical Society.

Nancy Ivansek, PA-C, MA is a physician assistant with over 25 years of experience in general and internal medicine. She holds a Master's degree in community health education from Kent State University. She completed her physician's assistant training at Lake Erie College and Cleveland Clinic. Nancy works alongside Dr. Mawhorter to prepare patients for their trips abroad.


Jonathan Leizman, MD is board-certified in Family Practice and received his medical degree from The Ohio State School of Medicine and Public Health, Columbus, OH.

Willoughby Hills

Dalia Mossad, MD is board-certified in Internal Medicine. She is a member of the American College of Physicians, the International Society of Travel Medicine and has a special interest in Preventative Medicine.