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Sleep Disorders Research Programs

The research program in Cleveland Clinic’s Sleep Center is focused on better understanding sleep disorders and related co-morbidities to support innovation and progress care provided to patients with sleep-related disorders.
Sleep Disorders Research Programs
Sleep Disorders Research Programs | Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic's Sleep Disorders Center maintains a highly productive research program dedicated to better understand the morbidity and influence of sleep disorders in the development and progression of disease. The overarching goals are to conduct innovative research and advance team science initiatives to directly inform and advance our imperative to provide only the highest level of patient care. Dominant clinical and translational research foci include elucidating the intersection of sleep disorders and their influence on heart disease, neurodegeneration, seizure disorders, pulmonary disease, and patient reported outcomes. Moreover, we are investigating novel cutting edge neuromodulation therapies for sleep disorders.

Finally, our center leads a large hypersomnia (narcolepsy and idiopathic hypersomnia) clinic trials program. Efforts are being made to create a sleep physiologic data resource to facilitate collaborative multidisciplinary research and to serve as a rich resource for innovations. At the core, we aim to improve our knowledge of sleep related disorders by fostering collaborations to conduct team science and to share our findings with the general public and scientific community.

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