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At Cleveland Clinic, we're here when you need us most. That's why we're bringing you more ways to get the care you need than ever before.
Our Commitment to Safe Care

While the coronavirus is still in our communities and is still contagious, Cleveland Clinic is among the safest places in healthcare today. Concerned about COVID-19 and want to speak to a provider? Coming in for your first visit in a few months?

You should feel confident we're keeping your family — and our caregivers — safe.

Learn about some of the steps we have taken to increase safety — and a few changes we’ve put in place to keep Cleveland Clinic a safe place for our patients, visitors and caregivers, including:

Learn more about our commitment to safe care

Connect With Cleveland Clinic

Connect With Cleveland Clinic

Virtual Visits

Start a Virtual Visit Now

Need to talk to a healthcare provider right away? Express Care Online connects you with a Cleveland Clinic provider for a virtual visit at any time, day or night.

Online Health Management Tools

Manage Your Health Online

MyChart is your online health management tool for keeping track of appointments, test results and staying in touch with your healthcare provider, all in one place.

Online Second Opinion

Get an Online Second Opinion

Need a second opinion? MyConsult connects you online with top Cleveland Clinic specialists who can review your diagnosis and offer additional consultation, quickly and securely.

Other telehealth options

Schedule a Virtual Visit

We now offer more ways than ever to schedule a virtual follow-up appointment with your provider. Find out which options may be available for you to use.

Find an Emergency Department or Walk-in Location Near You

Find an Emergency Department or Walk-in Location Near You

Emergency Departments

Our Cleveland Clinic Emergency Departments provide care for the sickest patients — from severe medical problems to critical injuries.

Find a Nearby Emergency Department

Express Care and Urgent Care Clinics

Our Express Care and Urgent Care Clinics offer walk-in access to you and your family for common health concerns and injuries.

Find a Nearby Express Care or Urgent Care Clinic
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