Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a family-focused, state-of-the-art facility with leading-edge, critical care technology located behind Mercy Hospital’s Surgery Center. The ICU includes a helipad on the roof.

Hospital ICUs provide critical care for patients with life-threatening illnesses or injures. Most ICU patients have sustained – or are at risk of suffering – the failure of one or more vital functions, systems or organs. Consequently, these patients require rigorous care and monitoring to reverse their near-fatal conditions and temporarily support them while they recover from the underlying disease or injury. This care may be necessary for a period of hours, days, weeks or sometimes even months.

Mercy Hospital has one of the very finest multidisciplinary critical care teams (the core approach to ICU care today and in the future). This team – including physicians, nurses and healthcare professionals – and our advanced facility allows Mercy Hospital to provide care with excellence and compassion.