I am a patient of Cleveland Clinic. Can Mercy Hospital access my Cleveland Clinic medical records?

Mercy Hospital is not yet part of the same electronic medical record system as the rest of Cleveland Clinic and caregivers at Mercy do not yet have access to Cleveland Clinic records. If you are a Cleveland Clinic patient, you can always access your health record online or by using MyChart. Patients can also call 866.915.3383.

Can my Cleveland Clinic doctor see me at Mercy Hospital now so I don’t have to drive to Cleveland?

We are developing a strategy to grow clinical services in alignment with Cleveland Clinic providers and will have more information on that over the coming months. At this time, Cleveland Clinic physicians are not seeing patients at Mercy Hospital.

Will you still accept my insurance now that you’re part of Cleveland Clinic?

All insurance plans currently accepted at the hospital will continue to be accepted.

Can I pay my Cleveland Clinic bill at Mercy Hospital now?

We are not part of the same billing system at this point and do not have access to Cleveland Clinic billing. You can pay your bill online at clevelandclinic.org or call 866.621.6385.

What services will be added or eliminated at Mercy Hospital?

Nothing has changed regarding services. We are very early in our process of integrating with Cleveland Clinic. We are developing a strategy to grow clinical services and will have more information in the coming months.

There aren’t any changes since Mercy Hospital joined Cleveland Clinic – most of the signs are the same, all of the paperwork I receive looks the same, etc. Are any changes being made or planned?

You will begin to gradually see changes. We are working on new signage, but these changes will take time. You will start to see the new Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospital logo in some places, such as on caregivers’ lanyards. We are in the process of changing the website to reflect that we’re now a part of the Cleveland Clinic health system.

What does it mean for Mercy Hospital to be a part of Cleveland Clinic?

All Cleveland Clinic hospitals seek to have the same high standard of care around quality, safety, and patient experience. Each hospital has a different culture and serves a different community but all Cleveland Clinic locations are committed to putting patients first, every day. Mercy continues to maintain its Catholic identity through sponsorship by the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine.