The purpose of the inpatient internship program is to provide knowledge and practical experience necessary for functioning competently and effectively upon licensure in a health-system pharmacy. This internship seeks to prepare students for residency training or careers in a health system beyond graduation.

Program Details

The program is a year-round internship with a 12-week summer component (after P1 coursework) and shift requirements on weeknights and weekends during the academic year. Interns provide core services such as patient counseling, medication reconciliation, oversee bedside delivery services on evenings, and have longitudinal research projects. The 12-week rotational experience includes rotations such as central pharmacy, sterile and non-sterile compounding, drug information, automation, administration, and clinical experience in internal medicine, ambulatory care, emergency medicine, oncology, and critical care. Requirements of the program include a summer project, and two presentations. The internship start and end dates are flexible depending on department and student final exam schedules. The summer portion of the internship runs May-August.


The candidate must have completed three years of college coursework including the first professional year in pharmacy school (completed the P3 year of a P6 program or P1 year of a P4 program). It is ideal if students can apply during their P1 year to be considered for two consecutive summers. Applicants must possess an Ohio internship license and be able to work shifts throughout the academic year. Entry into this internship program is competitive and students will be evaluated on various parameters including career goals, prior rotation experience (IPPE’s), communication skills, and ability to work in a dynamic team atmosphere. Candidates should plan for interviews in January.


Please submit a complete application including a letter of intent, CV, and two references to MMRxInternship@ccf.org. All applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.


Adam Ritzler, PharmD
Inpatient Pharmacist
Marymount Hospital
Department of Pharmacy
12300 McCracken Road
Garfield Heights, OH 44125
Phone: 216.385.7206
Email: MMRxInternship@ccf.org