To receive a copy of your medical records, write a letter or fill out our form authorizing Cleveland Clinic Akron General to release the copy and submit it to:

Health Information Management
Cleveland Clinic Akron General
1 Akron General Avenue
Akron, OH 44307

In the letter, you must state:

  • Your name at the time of service
  • Your current name and address
  • Your date of birth
  • Your social security number
  • The date of service, and any other information that you feel will help us identify your records
  • Exactly what you want released and why
  • The name of the person you want your records released to and the exact address
  • The letter must also be sign and dated. There is a charge for copies in accordance with Ohio law. This will be billed to you.

You may make an appointment by calling 330.344.6320, option 4, to speak with someone directly to come to Health Information Management at Akron General to request and receive copies of your medical records. You must present picture identification and be prepared to pay by check.

The only information that Medical Records can verbally provide is the date of admission and the date of release. If you are interested in getting a copy of your blood typing, and it was done while you were a patient, please submit a request in writing to the address above. There will be a charge for this copy.

Family Members' Medical Records

Only the patient may release his or her medical records. However, if you have the power of attorney or are the executor of a patient's estate, you may submit a request in writing along with a copy of the legal document.

Birth Certificates

You may receive a copy of your or your child's birth certificate by calling the Akron Health Department at 330.812.3845.

Birth Records for Adoptees

An adoptee may obtain his or her birth records by having the courts order the release of this information. You will need to present the court order when requesting your information.