Our new clinic for Cerebral Radiation Necrosis brings together experts from radiation oncology, neuro-oncology and neurosurgery with extensive experience diagnosing radiation necrosis, which often can be difficult to differentiate from tumor recurrence. We use the latest treatment modalities, customized for each patient to offer the best opportunity for healing.

Our center utilizes MRI scans (with cerebral blood volume) and PET scans to determine if a patient has radiation necrosis.


  • Treatment of radiation necrosis can be through our Neuro-Oncology Center or through your preferred hospital.
  • First-line treatment is usually steroids, such as dexamethasone.
  • Anticoagulation, hyperbaric oxygen and Avastin® also may be used.
    Minimally invasive laser interstitial thermal therapy (NeuroBlate Systemâ„¢) is used in select cases, as preliminary data show it may afford a more definitive treatment.

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