Faster Prostate Cancer Treatment

Cleveland Clinic uses Novalis Tx radiosurgery system with state-of-the-art technology that integrates treatment planning in one system. Novalis Tx radiosurgery accurately shapes the radiation beam to the area to be treated and uses imaging guidance and other methods to target the tissue or tumor to be treated while avoiding surrounding healthy tissues.

Novalis Tx technology also allows for changes in the intensity of the radiation beam (intensity-modulated radiotherapy) when needed. When appropriate, Novalis Tx radiosurgery may result in a small number of treatment visits for patients.

You and your radiation oncologist will discuss which type of radiosurgery is best suited to your needs and condition.

Novalis Tx

Cleveland Clinic is first in Ohio to treat patients using Novalis Tx.

For patients with complicated treatment plans, Novalis Tx is equipped with a robotic patient bed and an additional system to locate the tumor being treated.

Novalis Tx can be used to treat a tumor of any size but can more easily treat larger tumors and more complex treatment conditions.

novalis tx radiosurgery